[Five Points Festival 2019] Pin Yard

Five Points Festival recently wrapped on their third year at the Brooklyn Expo Center. The show put on by Clutter Magazine is a celebration all things indie from designer toys, street art, pins, patches tattoos, and beer.

Many of the artists work across multiple mediums and with different styles. As I mentioned the line between traditional art and designer toys was blurred however as I typically do I’ll be splitting my coverage up based on more traditional companies and artists and their own companies.

Below I’ll be featuring some of the more traditional artists exhibiting at the show.

Danielle Dejesus Art
Some really unique pieces of art and pins at the festival. His art is drawn on money and blends the aesthetics of the currency while the pins are both unique pieces as well as copies of his art.


One of the first booths I passed in the pin yard was ThatPinGuy but his zombified pins of pop culture characters like Rick & Morty or Yoda and Boba Fett were some of the most awesome pieces I saw the whole weekend.

GirlyPOP Enamel Pins
A New York based duo focused on enamel pins GirlyPOP were first timers in the pin yard section of the festival. I liked their Dark Alice in Wonderland Bloody Dress variant as well as their super sweet Beetlejuice pin. 

Mike Die Pins & I Saw A Dino
https://www.etsy.com/shop/MikeDieRWK & https://www.isawadino.com/Part of the pin yard of the festival this duo had a wide range of custom designer pins. Similar to designer toys you may see a Bumblebot or a CaptainM.bot

Another entry in the pin yard pinnuendo had some unique designs

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