Bronco Billy Blu-ray Review

Clint Eastwood stars as the ace sharpshooter and head of a modern Wild West tent show. Life’s been hard for Billy and his ragtag troupe. But their luck might change – in the unlikely person of a highfalutin society dame Sondra Locke.

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Video / Audio Quality Details:

BRONCO BILLY comes to blu-ray in 1080p HD from Warner Archive as part of the Warner Archive Collection on a made to order Blu-ray. The film has an audio track of DTS HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo with subtitles of English SDH. Clocking in at 116 minutes. Warner Archive once again brought us a great release in blu-ray and I’m thankful we have been fortunate enough to get this in blu-ray.

Clint Eastwood once said (paraphrasing) that if judging as a Director and had to pick one film of his as a favorite that you’d find most of all he ever wanted to say in Billy Bronco. The exact quote “It was an old-fashioned theme, probably too old fashioned since the film didn’t do as well as we hoped. But if, as a film director, I ever wanted to say something, you’ll find it in Bronco Billy.”

Given that this film is from 1980 this really stroked my curiosity as he’s directed so many great films so was this a quote from back at the time of release? I researched this and the quotes citation on wikipedia comes from a book by author Howard Hughes “Aim for the heart: The Films of Clint Eastwood”. The book released in 2009. I would presume the book itself would lend itself to the true source if one ever wanted to pick the brain of Eastwood in that regard as he has made many great films that he has Directed since 1980 so I would find it very intriguing if the quote’s timeline was from that of say 2000 or beyond.

Anyhow I’m very pleased for this to be on blu-ray as if memory serves me correct it has never been on blu-ray before world wide? I recall it in dvd form.

Eastwood received Dennis E. Hackin and Neal Dobrofsky’s script and decided to join the film with Sondra Locke. The film was shot in less than six weeks in the Boise, Idaho area in the fall of 1979. Additional filming took place in eastern Oregon and New York. Filmed on a low budget of $5 million, it finished two to four weeks ahead of schedule. – wikipedia

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