Kier – First Sword of Death 1:6 scale figure is up for preorder!

Sideshow Collectibles has announced that they are expanding their in-house created line of The Court of the Dead to new collectors: the 1:6 scale group.  The first entry is Kier – First Sword of Death and she looks incredible.  Take a look at the prototype images and what she comes with:

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“The great Celestial injustice kindles the flames of vengeance in my heart; yet the Alltaker’s plan guides my blade.”

–  Kier, The First Sword of Death

 Sideshow and Phicen present the Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure, a powerful new addition to our original Court of the Dead collection. The first of its kind to arrive from the Underworld, this articulated sixth scale figure captures the First Sword of Death like never before!

Death, Master of the Underworld, rescued the abandoned valkyrie Kier from the deserted fringes of Heaven in her youth and nursed the fallen angel back to health. The Alltaker gave her an outlet for her vengeful rage and the Great Oracle, Ellianastis, gave her countless hours of guidance in the ways of the Spirit Faction. Soon, Kier found her footing in the Underworld and took her place as the de facto leader of the Faction of Spirit. She leads with purpose and fights with valor to find the balance that Death so desires.

The Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure is a highly articulated figure with a seamless body and a stainless-steel skeleton. From the three braids cascading down her back to her battle-ready breastplate, Kier is elaborately detailed. She comes with neck armor, shoulder pauldrons, a gauntlet for her right arm, wrist armor and an armband for her left arm, and even greaves for her legs. Each piece of armor has decadent Underworld designs and intricate details. The Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure also comes with a brown fabric cloak, weathered fabric skirts, and a magnetically-removable mask – Kier’s signature accessory. 

The Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure has three pairs of interchangeable hands for gripping different items in her elaborate arsenal; one pair of open hands, one pair of hands for holding her angelic longsword, and one pair with curled fingers for grasping a skull with fresh etherea wafting off of it. She has two pairs of feet, allowing for a variety of powerful action poses. Kier also includes a battlefield base, with broken and battered terrain littered with skulls.

Add the spirit of war to your Court of the Dead collection with the Kier: First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure.

Court of the Dead
Sixth Scale Figure


The Kier – First Sword of Death Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • 1:6 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Seamless body with stainless steel skeleton
  • Kier figure from Sideshow’s Court of The Dead
  • Highly articulated
  • Translucent effect
  • Three (3) Pairs of hands
  • Two (2) Pairs of feet
  • Neck armor
  • Upper body armor
  • Shoulder armor
  • Forearm armor for the right hand
  • Waist armor for the left hand
  • Armband for the left arm
  • Leg armors
  • Skirt
  • Cloak
  • One (1) Sword
  • One (1) Skull style mask
  • Skull
  • Base


Product Size:
Height: 12″ (304.8 mm) | *
Dimensional Weight:
0.00 lbs (0 kg) [Intl. 0.00 lbs (0 kg)] *

* Size and weight are approximate values. Learn more

SKU: 904176
UPC: 6971272330437

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