A review of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Figure of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL!

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With the success and popularity of the character that Netflix created, Mezco has added Daredevil to the One:12 Collective. He is in the likeness of the Netflix version of the character in every way.


The packaging looks like weathered steel and has a color scheme of reds and blacks. There are licensing images everywhere on the front and the sides red with the logo. The back has a few poses and the photo from the site.

The back has the image from the website with the accessories as well as some various poses of the figure. The black inner box has the line’s logos on the top and bottom. The silhouette of Gomez is on the back with some spot-glossing. There is a window that shows the figure and his accessories. It is simple and works so why change it. I dig the cover artwork because it feels like the series.


The suit is kind of like the one on Netflix as far as the placement of colors and armor. The torso has material that is loose over the actual body. This is for movement but I’ll get into that in the articulation. The reason why they did this is mostly due to the scale. I think rather than make the costume skin tight but still have the looks that Mezco goes for, this was the compromise.
He comes with two head sculpts that are both helmeted but one has an aggressive face. Now, are they in the likeness of Charlie Cox? Not so much but, honestly, with this scale and only his lower face to sculpt, this looks good. His face is rounded as it should be and the helmet design looks great. There are some line designs on the suit as well that give it a sharper look. The material is similar to the other releases in the One:12 Collective. His boots look nice and have that tactical design with the pants tucked into them.
The coloring is probably the biggest misstep here. It is more of a red hue rather than the darker maroon as it appears on the series. We are talking about a couple of shades lighter and not bright red like the comics version. The black portions on the suit are a rubbery material that can stretch but it doesn’t need to due to the cut of the suit being a looser. He has the straps and billy club holster that is a snug fit for his weapon so it won’t fall out.


Here are the included accessories: the two (2) head-sculpts, six (6) interchangeable hands, one (1) set of Billy Clubs, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the Daredevil logo from his the series title, and a plastic sealing bag for the accessories.
Like releases from other companies, Daredevil only has the basics included like the Billy Club, hands, and the base stand. The Billy Club can be connected to make a staff or used separately in the hands designed to hold them. It has a texture on its whole for grip and a maroon-colored handle. Go easy on the connector so that you don’t bend or break it.
The hands have a tactical look that is colored to match the suit. There is a lot of texturing on the underside for some realism.
The base is a glossy black with the Netflix DAREDEVIL logo across it in red. It has the standard removable foot-peg that can allow the figure to stand with the peg hole in his boots. The arm uses the hole when the peg is removed. The arm can be used for stabling poses or putting The Man Without Fear in an areal pose.

The included bag is the same bag that comes with all of the One:12 Collective releases. It is for storing the accessories and keeping them organized. It has a white label for writing in some info with a Sharpie so you know what bag goes with a particular figure.


I mentioned earlier that the suit has a loose layer over the torso, this allows twisting as a normal body would. The issue is that the layer stays straight no matter how you turn him so it looks a bit unnatural. There is a good bend in the arms and they move naturally.

The knees under the pants seem to be double-jointed, however, the material bunches under the knees so they stop at about 90°. The ankles have a nice swivel and bend about as much as a real boot would.


Despite some of the little things that about this figure, I do like him. Yes, it is a simple figure with just the basics being included but what else could’ve been included? Maybe a Charlie Cox head sculpt or a connected Billy Club to avoid possible breakage. The color may not be right but the suit design is very nice. If you have The Punisher, black suit Daredevil or are a fan of the character, I’d say to pick this one up. Have any questions or comments? Feel free to ask me.

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