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Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME is the second Spidey film with Tom Holland as the Wall-Crawler and we love him. Mezco has released their rendition of him in the new suit at the end of the movie. He is an Exclusive and a sold figure. Here is a look at the figure:


The box is the smaller box that Mezco uses for their Exclusives. Along with the gold seal, it has the movie logo and the One:12 Collective logo in the proper places. The background design is made to look like the red portion of the Spider-Man suit. On the side of the box, the new redesign of the classic Spider-Symbol is on the higher side. The back has some really nice artwork of the costume from the movie. I’m a big fan of the art on the back of the boxes but then maybe include an accessories page inside the box.


The suit as a whole is completely in the likeness from the Advanced Suit in the film. There are some slight differences but it is like how Mezco puts their own twist on it. The designs in the spandex and the trim on the boots/gloves in all Mezco.  The majority of the suit is mostly spandex in the black areas and made from a rubber-like material in the red portions. It is incredibly flexible and easily goes back to its original shape.

Peter comes with four (4) head sculpts: one that is mask-less and the other three have the eyes showing different emotions. The eyes are wide-open, slightly squinty, and very squinty. Like with the previous releases, there is the webbing design that is to match up with the neck. The lines are doubled to have more definition but the actual suit has the same design. The texture on the red section looks like it has been made from rubberized material but it is not. The unmasked head is very similar to the Homemade Suit version but there are a few subtle differences. The style of his hair is the same but the hue and coloring are different. I might be mistaken but the shape of his nose looks closer to Tom Holland. His skin tone is tanner but I wouldn’t expect the coloring to be the same.

One thing I do want to mention and I’m not exactly sure where to put it is this: The neck is a little long and it blends when having the masked heads in play. That being said, when the Peter head is on the neck and you look at him from the back or side, it looks odd. If the neck was like a millimeter shorter, I wouldn’t have even mentioned it.

Side note: Having a good look at this now with the black and red, I feel like this is closer to what Miles Morales would wear in the MCU.


Here are the included accessories: the four (4) head-sculpts, eight (8) interchangeable hands, one (1) pair of Tony Stark sunglasses, one (1) web mask, one (1) web base, two (2) web-lines, one (1) posable web-line, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the Spider-Man face logo from his suit and a plastic bag for the accessories.

The hands are one (1) pair of fists, one (1) pair of web-shooting or thwipping hands as I call them, and one (1) pair of posing hands, and one (1) pair of webline holding hands.  The included hands are great for posing and look good when mixing it up. The thwipping hands have the small indent in them to place the web-line in the wrist. It makes for a cool effect and would not be complete without them. The posing hands are great to look like the hands are actually gripping the wall or to add variety. The webline holding hands are exactly as they’re named. 

A new accessory is the Tony Stark glasses. The shape and design of the lenses are close to how they look on screen. They couldn’t be 100% exact due to the scale. The arms are very thick and look even thicker on the side of his head. There are two ways that I think could improve the design here: either have a head sculpt with the glasses already sculpted on or have thin holes for the arms to go into.

Let me start here by saying that the webbing accessories are very cool. There are the typical Spider-Man web-lines that attach to the wrist and fists to make it look like they are coming from his web-shooters. The posable web-line is good for making the figure seem like he is swinging or hanging. Also, luckily they included hands to grip this line after some previous releases were missing them. One of the cooler, new accessories is the web mask and this is the perfect part to have for Spidey. There are so many times that he has subdued a villain from a hit in the face with webbing. The nice thing is that it fits on practically any Mezco figure so no villain is safe. The web base is something that has been featured in the comics and works with this figure as an add on. It is just not completely clear how it is supposed to be used. This is why I do wish that they included a manual.  The base and the stand are good for posing and made for figures who do dynamic moves. Spidey in mid-air or doing a low pose with the arm to keep him steady is always awesome.


Like the previous releases, Spider-Man is incredibly flexible which makes complete sense given the Wall Crawler’s agility. The arms and legs are double-jointed to they can be posed in a variety of ways. The suit gives and reshapes without permanent issues. I will admit though, I don’t know if you kept him in certain poses how it would be on the suit. The neck is on a ball joint so the head can move freely in combination with the neck. As always, Spider-Man is the most versatile figure when it comes to posing. 


I love the new design of the suit from SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME and it translates well to the figure. There are three little hiccups with the release (the glasses, the neck, and the web base…thing) but nothing that would make any collector or fan shy away from this figure. I am also a little disappointed that there is no magnetic clip included. I love that little extra from the previous figures and really did miss it. So, I say go ahead and add this guy to your collection.

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