A review of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Figure of Hela from THOR: RAGNAROK!

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I’m not a queen, or a monster… I’m the goddess of death! What were you the god of, again? – Hela

Hela is the secret sister of Thor and, technically, the next in line to rule Asgard after the death of Odin. To go along with the Thor and Hulk from THOR: RAGNAROK, Mezco has released a One:12 Collective version of Hela. Odin’s firstborn and more ruthless than Thor could even imagine. Talk about family issues but let’s check out the figure.


The packaging is identical to the other entries from this movie with the blue stone-like design with black accents. The stone design continues around the sides and the back has the typical Info: “action/accessories” shot from the website with the included accessories and head sculpts.


Mezco tends to create the costumes for figures with their twist on it however, not in this case. Her suit is identical to how it appears on screen. The shimmer in the green against the black is nice and creates an intimidating look that Hela is known to have. 

One thing that is a little disappointing is that there is no cape. She spends about half of her time wearing the cape so I’m surprised it wasn’t included.

Hela comes with two (2) head sculpts: with her pointy headdress or crown and the other shows her long hair. The crowned sculpt has the pointy tips and the branches aren’t as delicate as you would think. Plus, if you catch them just right, it could hurt you. The face is sculpted with a stoic Cate Blanchett. The long-haired version has a snarky smirk on her face. The hair is smooth with some texture to look more like hair. It works for both her grimy look after leaving Hel and when she doesn’t feel like rocking the crown.

So far, out of all the head sculpts that are supposed to look like a certain actor by Mezco, this one looks the most accurate to date. I don’t know if it’s the actor’s look or is her beauty easily captured but when I look at this figure, I instantly see Cate Blanchett.


Here are the included accessories: the two (2) head-sculpts, eight (8) interchangeable hands, two (2) Necroswords, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the THOR: RAGNAROK logo, and a plastic bag for the accessories.

The hands are one (1) pair of fists, two (2) pairs of posing hands, and one (1) set of sword holding hands. The posing hands are good for adding some style to the poses. The other hands, well, hold the swords. As for the swords themselves, they have some nice detailing from the tip to the hilt. There is also weathering that makes them have a little more to them. 


The flexibility of this figure is a mixed bag. The upper body has good joints in the arms and wrists plus the torso has some bend for natural movement. As for the legs, they used the same body as every other female figure. Her legs only bend so far and its a shame. With the way her outfit covers the body, a more flexible option with exposed joints would be fine.


Overall, this is a great figure and there are so many marks in the plus column that the few negatives can be overlooked. The head sculpt looks great, they include two heads for a versatile look, and the coloring in the outfit is bold. Plus, if you have the other RAGNAROK figures, this rounds off the collection.

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