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“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.” – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the strongest and most memorable heroes in the DC Universe. Mezco has released the version in the likeness of Gal Gadot on screen but this version is based on the classic comic book look. They’re calling her The Classic Edition

Let’s check this one out!


Because she Is a Mezco Exclusive, she is in the smaller box. It is all white on the front with big yellow lettering and her logo. The One:12 Collective logo is in blue and there is the Exclusive gold seal. The side/spine has a red background with Wonder Woman written and there is an image of her on the back in a touch of color scheme that looks very nice. 

Open it up and the plastic insert has the figure and all of the accessories waiting to be broken out. 


There is a lot going on with this version of Diana Prince and plenty of looks to mess around with to get her just right. She comes with two, slightly different head sculpts: one straight faces and one bearing some teeth.

If there was a look from the comics that showed off the power of Wonder Woman the most, it would be in the design of the head sculpt here. She is stern and ready for a fight, just like the princess of Themyscira should be. She has the full, black hair.

The second head is slightly different with her expression just looking a bit more aggressive. It makes sense to have this one have subtle intimidation instead of, say, a battle cry expression. 

Her skin tone on both heads match the rest of her body and so there isn’t that awkward looking tone difference that can really throw off a figure. 

As for her costume, it is Mezco’s take on the classic comic look. The basic design of her in the gold trim, reinforced torso armor, and star-spangled briefs are there. The subtle differences are in the corset section but keep the “W” and eagle that are typically used. I would even go as far as to compare the differences in the character from artist to artist in the comics or how they changed it ever so slightly in the live-action movie.

The same can be said about her gauntlets and boots. They’re recognizable to the character and, to me, look great. My only remark would be that some of the gold accents have red paint on the torso armor from an unsteady hand. 

Her wrist bracelets are silver with red stars on them. The design is taken from the original look in the comics where they are mostly silver bands. They look great and the only change I might have made to them is adding bullet ricochets somehow.

The material briefs have been stretched over a solid base for shaping purposes. The stars and stripes are a vinyl material to make the details a bit sharper. 

The cape is a very nice addition so that you can have a regal look like a warrior. 

It has a nice feel and a dark blue. It has white stars and a blue stripe made out of the same vinyl, silk-screened material as the briefs. There is a metal wire in the lining for posing and creating various effects. One issue I have with it is the way that the material is cut, it unnaturally drapes on her shoulders. Because it is thicker, it never lays down on her body and makes her shoulders look beefy. Now, could this just be the one that I’m reviewing? It’s possible but then that leads into other questions.


Here are the included accessories: the two (2) head-sculpts, eight (8) interchangeable hands, one (1) Cape with integrated posing wire, one (1) poseable Lasso of Truth, one (1) coiled Lasso of Truth, one (1) Sword of Athena, one (1) battle-ax, one (1) shield, one (1) spear, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the Wonder Woman logo, and a plastic bag for the accessories.

The hands are one (1) pair of fists, two (2) pairs of lasso holding hands, one (1) pair of sword holding hands, and one pair of holding hands. 

They all serve their purpose and in certain combinations, they can allow for nice poses. The spear and shield might be the best-looking set and just make her look incredible.

Moving into the weapons, the lasso comes in the two styles: poseable and coiled. The poseable is long enough to be held by to hands but not enough to wrap up an enemy. Whenever they do the next version, I would prefer that they include a longer lasso. The coiled version fits nicely in her hands or on her belt loop. 

The sword, ax, spear, and shield all have the gold trim with hints of red/blue. They seem like they came from the same blacksmith in Themyscira but made for the goddess. The designs make them look like they are for royalty. The paint has been done well and cleanly from what I can see. 

The base stand and arm are the usual types that come with the One:12 Collective figures. The base has the classic Wonder Woman design with red, white, and blue. There is also a clear, plastic bag to store the extra hands and accessories that aren’t in use. 


Mezco has decided to go with the same female body that they have used for practically every release. Her arms have the swivel joint at the elbows and the wrist pegs allow the hands the rotate. Arms and shoulders can move well. There is a very good movement in her hips and they can swivel naturally. 

The mid-thigh swivel lines up with the line of the leg and as you turn them, it can create a lip. Other than making her leg have no natural shape, there really isn’t any way to avoid this. 

Now, when it comes to the knees, they went ahead and used these rounded joints. There are some positives and negatives about these that I have experienced as well as collectors out there. On the positive side, they reduce the ugly joints that a double joint on the leg will do. On the negative side, you do lose some flexibility and a leg that won’t bend very well.


This take on classic Wonder Woman is, as a whole, styled well. Her weapons, the costume design, and the head sculpt all makeup both the regal as well as the warrior side of the character. Other than a few hiccups, the figure really did turn out great. She completes the trinity in a big, bad way and the warrior look is the way that I prefer this figure. Whenever the next Wonder Woman figure releases, I recommend that they get this knee thing figured out. I’m not too bothered by it but I do know that there are collectors out there that it gets to them. I do recommend picking up this figure if you’re looking to add her to your collection.

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