[Hasbro] Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons Drizzt and Guenhwyvar

If you are at all even a tiny bit aware of Dungeons and Dragons then you have likely heard of Drizzt Do’Urden, a Drow elf who forsakes the evil ways of his homeland and ventures to the world above to become a ranger, hero of the north, and companion of the hall. Created over 30 years ago by New York Times bestselling author R. A. Salvatore the character of Drizzt (and his panther companion Guenhywvar) have been a mainstays in the Forgotten Realms. As one of its most legendary and popular characters there have been a number of times Hasbro has expanded on the character of Drizzt outside of the novels and gameplay–from the Dungeons and Dragons Legends of Drizzt board game, Drizzt Kre-O figures, Funko Pops!, and even Twinkle and Icingdeath replica swords. But now comes one of the best items – a 6’’ scale highly detailed and articulated figure of Drizzt and his panther companion from the astral plane Guenhwyvar which Hasbro was kind enough to provide for me to look at. 

On a personal note, I’ve been reading the Drizzt novels for close to twenty years so arguably I was already biased even before I took this figure out to play w…I mean review.


Both characters along with all the accessories included are well displayed in their packaging. The front of the box has a window for those who want to keep the figures unopened but still be able to display it. Around the window in black spot gloss are Underdark and Menzoberranzan scenes. Turning to the back of the box a graphic novel style fight scene of Drizzt and Guen versus a dragon illustrated by artist Max Dunbar is featured.

Additionally there is a slipcover for the box which is actually the same design as the front and back, though the slipcase uses silver foil where the spot gloss was and the back switches off and uses a black on black with spot gloss of the fight scene from the main packaging.

The figures can be removed from the packaging and reinserted so I give this a win.


The Drizzt figure is modeled after his appearance in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance video game. Unfortunately, as much of a Drizzt fan as I am, I have not ventured much further than the novels so I am a little unaware of his appearance in the video games. I will admit that I was hoping for gear that was more faithfully modeled after the many Todd Lockwood novel cover illustrations. While it does appear that the design is heavily stylized after Lockwood’s art to me it seems like the gold accents are a bit much and I would have preferred the more muted colors Lockwood uses; after all a ranger does need to not stand out when they don’t want to. Nevertheless I’m still very impressed by the overall design even down to the details of the straps across his chest, his green cloak, and ridging on his boots. Additionally Drizzt’s facial appearance is spot on and what I would expect from the set; with both a serene head sculpt and a snarling mid-battle head sculpt both of course featuring his iconic purple eyes.

Guenhwyvar on the other hand is fairly no frills. What does make the figure impressive is its articulation and size ratio compared to Drizzt; with sinewy muscles and deep yellow eyes she is the perfect companion.


Featured in the set are a number of accessories for Drizzt including two head sculpts, two sets of hands, a mini Guenhwyvar figurine, a Mielikki necklace, Twinkle and Icingdeath (with sword flame action pieces), a cloak, and a custom Icewind Dale oversized d20 die.

The two head sculpts give you a few options for Drizzt from more serene moments to a more gritted teeth face with his hair blowing in the wind for more action poses during his battle scenes. Both heads fit well whether Drizzt is wearing his cloak or not.

One set of hands included is mainly for holding his iconic swords Twinkle and Icingdeath while the other set gives you a closed fist for the left hand and an open palm for the right (mainly to hold the Guenhwyvar figurine). I do wish there was an additional set of hands here to provide a few more options but with the included accessories the options are sufficient.

Speaking of the Guenhwyvar figurine it is a small token piece, used for summoning Guen from the astral plane, which as mentioned above fits in Drizzt’s hand. It is in the shape of the panther though I think it’s just a bit larger than it should be and there could have been an option to affix the figure to Drizzt’s belt, but I am not going to gripe here, it’s a nice added bonus piece for the set.

Moving on we have a unicorn necklace which doubles as a pendant for Drizzt’s chosen god in the realms – Mielikki and is also used to summon his unicorn mount Andahar.

Drizzt’s cloak is also removable. It is a softer plastic. It isn’t great for changing shape but still very good they it can be taken on and off.

The main two accessories however are Twinkle and Icingdeath, Drizzt’s scimitars. Wielding these iconic blades for almost as long as he has been in Faerûn each sword has unique properties and abilities.  Twinkle forged by elves was given to Drizzt by the Harpells and started out as his left-handed defensive scimitar however it was broken after many years and battles. Eventually it was repaired by Cattie-Brie in the forges of Guantlgrym and was given new powers. Afterwards Drizzt began to wield it in his right hand. It is noted for its star-cut azure sapphire on its pommel and glowing blue when it detects danger nearby. Icingdeath, gained after Drizzt and Wulfgar’s defeat of the dragon Ingeloakastimizilian is a diamond edged frostbrand weapon which absorbs fire and heat and is noted for its gem-encrusted pommel shaped liked the head of a hunting cat. The swords while not razor sharp follow the more slender scimitar design as seen on many novel covers and a good job was done distinguishing the two blades rather than just having two generic looking scimitars. Along with the blades are two flamelike motion pieces that slip over the scimitars for action moves.

Finally included in the set is a custom Icewind Dale oversized d20 die, which pairs perfectly with the dice in the Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden Dice and Miscellany dice set.


One of the best things about reading the Drizzt novels is the way R. A. Salvatore sets-up and describes his fight scenes. From aerial maneuvers to fast pace melee fights Drizzt is always contorting into some shape or form during his battles. For a figure to do Drizzt justice it needs to have a good amount of articulation to pose him in a multitude of ways and I’m happy to say the figure does. Similar to other 6’’ scale Hasbro lines (Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, Power Rangers Lightning Collection) the figure has double joints in both his arms and legs which allows for a lot more flexibility for posing, the hands, head, and torso also pivot to allow for a very good range of articulation.

Additionally Guenhwyvar isn’t just a static figure. Hasbro has added almost as much articulation to the figure as you would need to pose Guen in as many action poses next to Drizzt as wanted. The paws have multiple articulation points, the torso, tail, and head also twist and turn. Guen’s jaw even opens and closes–a really nice bonus.

Final Thoughts

To the best of my knowledge this is the first fully articulated 6” scale figure of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar and with Hasbro’ care and attention to detail they were able to create a very faithful and fun set. With the level of detail from Drizzt’s attire and accessories to both his and Guen’s articulation there is no better time than now to be a collector. I highly recommend any fans of the series or Dungeons and Dragons to grab.

My only hope is that Hasbro doesn’t stop here and continues making more Forgotten Realms figures. I’m already envisioning two more two packs to round out the Companions of the Hall and another two pack with Jarlaxle and Entreri afterwards they can continue with many of the other famous characters in the realms!

Product Details:
Available December 18, 2020
Includes: 2 figures, 10 accessories, and Icewind Dale die.
Order Here exclusively through Hasbro Pulse

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