[Star Wars Celebration 2022] Cosplay Photo Gallery!

If you are ever walking the show floor with me you know that I have absolutely no problem stopping mid-conversation even if I am on my way somewhere to ask someone in an interesting costume to snap a photo and because of that one of my favorite articles to post after every convention is the cosplay photo gallery as it allows me to look back at some of the most elaborate or clever cosplay designs throughout the show. While certainly at other conventions there is a much higher variety of fandoms don’t let celebration fool you as not only are there plenty of amazing Star Wars cosplayers but there are truly a large variety of mash-up cosplay as well.

Of course these photos are by no means an expansive list of the best cosplay at the convention as with so many people walking around I’m of course bound to miss may amazing costumes but here are some of the costumes I saw while running around throughout the weekend. Credit goes to all the amazing people who put hours of time and dedication to make their costumes stand out so if you are a cosplayer and find yourself in this gallery please reach out and we will certainly update to include a proper credit.

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