[Five Points Festival 2024] Designer Toy Companies from the Show

After having moved around the first few years and taking a two year hiatus due to COVID Five Points Festival finally, in my opinion, has finally established its identity and settled into a groove. Stably situated for the third year at Zerospace in Brooklyn the festival has become more than just a two day convention but is a celebration of the close knit designer toy community.

Bringing together artists and collectors  Five Points Festival features the very best in designer toys. There are many different styles of designer toys including Sofubi, resin sculpture, Kaiju, Customs, blind boxes, and blanks to name a few but unlike massed produced toys found in big box stores designer toys are mainly intended as display collectibles rather than for their playability. Additionally, the show is a place where fans can get original art, prints, pins and even grab get a craft beer with yearly can art designs, get a tattoo by GOOD LUCK N.Y.C, watch live painting battles, and catch an actual Kaiju wrestling match.

While it feels like Clutter does try arrange the floor space with a separation between vendors and artists those lines can get blurred when situated in the designer toy space where artists are making their toys in very limited runs so you might see a vendor running a dunny show with 1-of-1 custom figures next to an artist that has his own resin figure with a run of under 10. Though at the end of the day both feature artists unique talent and expression.

That said even though I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted at the show this year my coverage is a bit longer than last year and while it is a bit more difficult splitting up coverage into distinct articles for the reasons mentioned above to avoid the article getting too long I will be splitting up my coverage into two articles this year.

Throughout the year Clutter Magazine collaborates with the premier artists and companies in the designer toy space. This allows them to continue curating a very focused show that continues to draw faithful attendees. Follow the Five Points Festival (here) and Clutter Magazine (here) throughout the year.

Finally Clutter Magazine is back on track hosting the Designer Toy awards which will be held in October and will combine the previous years the show was not able to be held!

So let’s take a look at some exhibitors and vendors from the 2024 edition of Five Points Festival. I’ve linked to the website for each vendor so if there is something you see that you like check them out!

Clutter Magazine



Having roots in the designer toy space Super7 has embraced Five Points Festival as a show they should attend. While this San Francisco based designer toy and apparel company is known for their strong licenses including TMNT, G.I. Joe, and Thundercats work they did start out from the designer toy space and continue that with new vinyl figures and toy projects in many niche properties but most prominently in their ReAction line where you will see the likes of Prison Mike from the Office or LI’L Sebastian from Parks and Recreation, you’ll also see ReAction figures of music artists, Universal Monsters, and other properties. 

Tenacious Toys

Tenacious Toys is a premier online retailer specializing in limited edition art toys in vinyl, resin and PVC, as well as imported action figures and one-off custom toys. They usually work with multiple artists and often run dunny shows. This year they collaborated with The Lite Toys for some amazing figures.

Cortes Studio

David Corteshas been making toys, figures, and collectibles since 1998, during this time he has collaborated with many top brands including Mezco Toyz, NECA, Sideshow Toys, McFarlane Toys, Marvel, and DC comics. At Five Points Festival he was mainly focused on his own creation Pugzee with a range of statues and collectibles including the character dressed up as a graffiti artist in it’s own spray paint can as well as a Sideshow Barker Pugzee. There were even some blind ‘box’ Pugzee’s where you could end up with random miniatures from token machines.

My Plastic Heart

My Plastic Heart was one of the first online shops to focus on designer toys. Along with this My Plastic Heart hosts monthly exhibits at their gallery showcasing contemporary underground pop and urban artists and illustrators from around the globe. For Five Points Fest they focused on One Little Planted products with Poh by Vin Figures as well as Robin Huang. They also had some interesting soft vinyl figures by Yoyo.

Plastic Pizza

Plastic Pizza creates designer toys, limited run apparel, collectible pins, stickers, and posters based around their character Peace the Pizza and the Cosmic Cows. At Five Points Fest they were also showcasing an art show of their Rotteney figure which featured over 20 artists custom designs. For this show Plastic Pizza worked with many local street and graffiti artists that typically don’t do this kind of work and the figures came out amazing. Special note on the Savannah Magnolia figure as this artist merges her medical knowledge with her art which shows from the figure having dissected body parts as well as the SacSix and Gouch figures which were just very unique.

Bindlewood Shop – Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd

The official online shop of artists Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. These two have a nice following with their resin figures, Thimblestump blind boxes, enamel pins, art prints, and more. The big item for Five Points Fest sere their Vintage Apron Dust Bunny figures and their Single-Scoop Turtball.

5thTurtle Shop

Influenced by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as other comic books and pop culture media 5thTurtle produces a range of art from sculpture, paintings, and graphic design. At Five Points Festival he had a range of original limited run figures and sculpts. I was really digging his NYC Fallout Raw-Man figure and if I had the extra $200 would have put it towards that figure!

1000 Tentacles

1000 Tentacle is a Malaysian based art studio by Leong  Wankok and pH Khor producing designer toys and vinyl figures based on their Monster and Kid series.

Hip Hop Toys

Maker, retailer & collaborator of licensed hip-hop and graffiti themed action figures, watches, and toys.

Rampage Toys

New York based sculptor Jon Malmstedt better known by his moniker Rampage Toys creates original custom and resin sofubi toys where he is best known for his Ugly Unicorn and Kesagake figures. The booth may seem scattered with odds and ends but Rampage Toys offers some of the hottest figures in the industry.

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Toy Co focuses on creating original Monsters, Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy figures that pay tribute to American and Japanese toys that owner Rich Montanari Jr grew up with. His sofubi designs are meant to take you back to playing with your monster toys as a kid and are best self-described as designs that would make your 9-year-old self freak out. His designs are wildly popular at the show making him do a lottery for most of his sales at the show.


Fleet Hower creates objects and figures by blending a mix of techniques from digital modelling and 3D printing but then smoothing the objects with sanding, tumbling, and buffing and finishing them off with a water-based lacquer creating a truly unique piece of art. Each Locknester Hower creates is formed from a group of abstract, unconventional geometries that are assembled with an internally-designed peg system. Hower’s Locknesters come in different sizes from several inches to several feet, and can be as simple as a three pieces to as complex as having over a hundred pieces.

Gem Blenders

Not the first time I have seen a game promoted at Five Points Fest but the first lo-fi game. In the world of Gemlandia, citizens use gems as a source of energy to power their society – and certain gifted individuals have the ability to combine gems, allowing them to use transformations called “blends.” These heroes are known as Gem Blenders! This card game is the brain child of creator Steve Sekula who grew up playing Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!. The first iteration of the game began as a simple HTML webpage featuring 9 elemental gems.

In the game each player has 4 heroes and a 50 card deck with the object to reduce your opponent to zero in a best of three rounds. On your turn you draw cards, do an action such as play a gem activate effects, blend, or attack, and then pass to the next player. A simple lo-fi game that fit well in the designer toy show space!


Clutter Magazine for again partnered with GOOD LUCK NYC, a Brooklyn custom Tattoo studio, to offer the ultimate show exclusive – an on the spot tattoo featuring original tattoo art specially designed  for Five Points Festival!

Kings County Brewing Company Craft Beer

Kings County Brewing Company (KCBC) continued to collaborate with Clutter Magazine to bring back their artist brew beer can collaborations to the show. The beers which included a Hazy IPA, a fruited Sour w/ Watermelon, and Pilsnerbrews featured artists 5thturtle, Skatch, Henbo, CZEE13, and MVH Toy.

Live Painting

Finally another returning feature of the show was their live painting contest with artists going head to head designing and painting a piece on the spot. Unfortunately this year I had a very limited time at the show so I wasn’t able to catch too much of the competition but I do usually enjoy this aspect of the show.

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