1. TobinFrost

    "Bending Time & Space Exhibit" - Art V Cancer Event

    Godmachine18" x 24" screen print, edition 80 called 'Dick Laurent is Dead' based on the film the 'Lost Highway' 'Unstoppable' by Raid71, 18" x24" screen print, signed & numbered 'Le Loup de fer' by Tyler Stout, AP, signed & numbered 'Menomena' by Tyler Stout, AP...
  2. blumaster

    "Kubrick" by Mark Englert - Gallery 1988 Event

    No TV and No Beer, SDCC 2013, #'d/100 All Work and No Play, SDCC 2013, #'d/100 A11 Work and No Play, SDCC 2013, #'d/100 Solo Show opens July 26, 2013 at Gallery1988 East.
  3. R

    Hero Complex Gallery "Bleeding Metallics Show" Event

    Not much has been revealed about this one other than the fact that it goes live on 2nd August, but the Tweet from Dan Lazarow showing a sneak peek of his print which looks awesome. There's also a sneak peek of Dan Guyatt's piece for the show.
  4. Jason Bourne

    "Pacific Rim Series" - Odd City Entertainment Event

    http://411posters.com/2013/06/pacific-rim-poster-series-from-odd-city-entertainment/ Odd City Entertainment will be selling prints of the upcoming Pacific Rim movie done by 5 artists including: Gabz, Todd Slater, NE, Gordon Jones & Graham Erwin at random times between July 2nd to July 11th.
  5. Che

    "World War Z Prints" - Amazon.Com Event

    Here are 6 limited edition prints. 1,000 prints. Apparently the ipic by my house is getting 200 prints of this one. Either that's a lot or it's a variant/AP. Poster Offer AMC Poster Offer Regal Mega Ticket Offer: IPIC Theaters: Here are the rest: Regal Cinemas: AMC...
  6. digitalbabe

    Mondo "Game of Thrones" - Event

    Will be announced to go on sale at a random time on March 21,2013. I will try to keep track of this. The other posters they sell, and the archive, at http://www.mondotees.com/view_category.asp?cat=12 look very cool, and they sell out quick.
  7. digitalbabe

    "Planet of the Apes" - Mondo Gallery Event

    Waitlist $54.99