"Bending Time & Space Exhibit" - Art V Cancer Event

Oct 7, 2012
Godmachine18" x 24" screen print, edition 80 called 'Dick Laurent is Dead' based on the film the 'Lost Highway'

'Unstoppable' by Raid71, 18" x24" screen print, signed & numbered

'Le Loup de fer' by Tyler Stout, AP, signed & numbered

'Menomena' by Tyler Stout, AP, signed & numbered

'Welcome Home' by Tyler Stout, AP, signed & numbered

'Wave' by James Howard, limited edition giclee print

Joshua Budich - 'I love you. I Know.', signed limited edition screen print, 4-colours, edition of 100

The online sale with remaining pieces on 31st August, 6pm GMT (10am PDT & 1pm EST)

HERE : http://www.artvcancer.com/

All information in this sale here : http://insidetherockposterframe.blo...e-space-exhibit-presented-byart-v-cancer.html
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Will definitely have a closer look Friday evening, had this event in my calendar already.


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hmm...there are parts of 'I love you. I Know' I like, and there are parts I do not like. If there are any available I may go for it. I'll have to ponder it the next few days.
Just received this email....

The Art v Cancer show was a huge success, thanks in part to many of you. So, first off, I'd like to thank everyone who purchased a print, and helped the cause of finding a cure for cancer!

That being said, my Star Wars prints, "I love you. I know" SOLD OUT in less than an hour at the show! However, I do have a very small amount of Artist Proofs (AP) that I will be dropping, Monday, September 2 at a random time in the early afternoon. You can pick one up at, www.joshuabudich.com/store.

Thanks again for all your support, and a Happy Labor Day to all my American friends!
- Joshua

Just checked the site and the price is a little steeper than those sold yesterday($60 USD + S/H). I am not familiar with these AP drops, so I don't know if this is the norm or not.
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