1. Benj

    Multi SNES Mini system with free Nintendo t-shirt £79.99 Zavvi
  2. digitalbabe

    [WINNER CHOSEN] Win $25 Amazon GC-Steelbook Forum only-NINJA WEEK 2018 giveaway!

    Winner per @EvilThing Hey Ninjas! 8TH ANNUAL NINJA WEEK is in full swing with new giveaways added daily until Feb 25! You can post your own giveaway in the Ninja Week forum anytime. It's your chance to contribute to the community, learn about new products and companies, answer fun...
  3. digitalbabe

    [UK Ninjas] Win a signed Jigsaw print & signed complete SAW Collection-ends 2/26!

    Hello UK Ninjas! Check out this fantastic giveaway by @cooey now live on front page! Thanks all for participating!
  4. digitalbabe

    Donate to HDN, Learn about Group Buys and support HDN year-round!

    Hello Ninjas, If you would like to support Ninja Week, future projects, new feature development, contests and more, consider making a small donation here! Thanks for your support! HDN Staff Bringing collectors together since 2009
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    Ninja Week Info & Video-Feb 19-25! New pin, avatars sponsorship info and more!

    Hello Ninjas! It's almost time! #BESTWEEKEVER #NINJAWEEK #HIDEFNINJA Event flyer and sponsorship info here is getting ready for our 8th Annual NINJA WEEK which is Feb 19-25! Ltd qty Ninja Week pin on sale now-design changes yearly! Order here 100's of pop culture items and...
  6. digitalbabe

    Celebrate summer flicks & win 2 Lenticular Steelbooks-Zavvi

    :ninja: Hello all new and current ninjas!:ninja: Summer movie season is upon us and we are excited to host a giveaway for 2 awesome Disney Steelbooks. All you have to do is tell us what summer movies you are looking forward to this year! Reply and win these 2 Lenticular Steelbooks. Winner pays...
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    [Winner Chosen]HDN Summer Movie Giveaway # 2 [May]-Win $50 at!

    1st Giveaway (April) winner: metal hunter 2nd Giveaway (May) winner: spass 2nd Giveaway (May)-enter in this thread Hello ninjas! To celebrate the summer movie season and highlight Steelbooks and limited editions from around the world, we are celebrating collectibles by giving away $50...