Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Italy]


You have to be tough in Finland
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Apr 21, 2013
I like that design and colors, with high gloss finish it'll look great :)

But that spine... Of course Disney keeps following the same practice that pretty much nobody is keen on (to put it mildly) (n)

Soon Disney will have to package MCU steelbook releases into jumbo steelbooks when they run out of space on the spine :naughty:
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Apr 20, 2013
The only reason I will get the steelbook with this artwork is because it will probably be ages before Novamedia /Blufans produce a superior release. Very underwhelming.


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Jun 5, 2014
Well last time I ordered from them it was quite a big cardboard envelope,
Thank you for the warning though, I really appreciate it!

ps : I can live without the french version! I suffered 3 times at the cinema it's enough ! haha
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Sep 10, 2014
The Land, OHIO - U.S.A.
It's exactly what I thought it would be. A matching steelbook with the first.
I didn't say I liked it... But it matches.
The Zavvi will probably be exactly the same one. As will every other one.
Apr 2, 2014
Love the fact the front artwork matches the previous Avengers steelbook (well, the wwa edition...), but lack of a spine is a killer- Time to cancel my Zavvi order and jump in to the U.S. edition me thinks...