Barbie (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]

Mar 12, 2018
Release date: October 23, 2023
Purchase links: Amazon UK - HMV - Zavvi
Price: £29.99

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No, I need both discs and a 1 steelbook preferably.

LOL what I meant was that maybe look at other UK retailers to see if their amaray releases include both a 4K and Blu-ray disc. If they do then most likely the HMV SteelBook will include both discs.

Get it?
Live at Zavvi
Well don't order it from Zavvi, then! Their listing states that it doesn't contain any discs at all! :rofl:

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Amazon's listing states 2 discs, though.
Haha yes I did notice that. Seems steelbooks are either blu ray or 4K. Only certainty seems to be amaray. Thanks for Amazon heads up. i believe the 4K steel will have both but not always the case it seems.
Cheers! Managed to order one of the last copies on HMV last week when they restocked. They seem to be coming back in and out of stock regularly now.
Yea I never look on Amazon. HMV more trustworthy all day long. Never had a scratched one from them or crumpled.
You've been lucky, then. I've had two or three damaged ones from HMV over the years. But I agree that HMV's packaging is much better than Amazon's where they just put them in their standard cardboard mailers with no added padding or protection whatsoever. At least HMV use those box-type mailers.
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You preordered something that you not only didn't watch, but also never even watched any clips or read any reviews of?

Yup .... some friends went to see it, some liked it, some hated it. I couldn't go as I had covid. I'll usually buy things (dependant on reviews) on a blind buy as local cinema has gone now. If there happens to be a steelbook version, then better. After doing a bit more research, there are other things on my list that took precedent , ie, the recent Scarface, Violent Night on 4k, which I love and would like on 4k. I can't afford all of them so close together, so Barbie had to go, lol! Steelbooks are getting so expensive now, so much so, the need to prioritise is essential. I'd take Scarface and Violent Night over Barbie any day. To be fair, don't most people blind buy for a new film? I don't believe that every steelbook of a new release film a person has purchased they have already seen it at the cinema, or I could be wrong.
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