Big Hero 6 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Novamedia Choice #5) [Korea]

Sep 23, 2012
Pre-order date & time: 17th April, 2015 10PM (Korea time UTC+9)
Release date: 15th May, 2015
Buy links and prices:
Lenticular slip - 600 copies $46.99 (Numbered edtion as #1-600)
Full slip - 500 copies $46.99 (Numbered edtion as #1-500)
One click combo package - 200 copies $93.98 ( same number #1-200 )

Package details:

1) 2d+3d blu-ray steelbook
2) 2x Lenticular poster card
3) 6x art card
4) 36 pages booklet

Total Print run: 1100 copies

Please note that only one click combo package has been dispatched by first come first served basis, other package will be dispatched randomly and all single package price will be increased to 49.99$ after promotional period ends (as 3 days).





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Pretty sure its real the steelbook for BH6 on NM website says non-Nova choice something like that
It's not on their site yet. Non-Nova choice just means the standard Korean blu-ray, with a clear Korean plastic slip... You need to wait until the site is updated with Nova choice
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