Spider-Man: No Way Home (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 66) [Hong Kong]


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Apr 28, 2011
Release date: November 17, 2023
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti (Pre-order on September 22, at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $176.97 (Box Set) - $53.99 (Full Slip) - $54.99 (Lenti - Double Lenti)
Notes: WEA, Exclusive Steelcase designed by Manta Lab features "Full Glossy" Finish and "Debossed Title".
Box Set: 600 Sets, Numbered 1-600. Spot Foil, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Spot Embossing.
Full Slip: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. Spot Foil, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Spot Embossing.
Lenti: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. 3D Lenticular, Spot Emboss, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte.
Double Lenti: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. 2 X 3D Lenticuar, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Spot Embossing.
Premiums: Booklet, Postcards, Character Cards, Envelope, Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Front Sticker, Exclusive Release Lenticular Sticker, Tip On.

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Front of the box has some really nice holofoil effects not picked up in the previous vid. Steel looks to have a little too much bare metal vibe going on for my liking though :cautious:
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Well for a dark lenti the DL has turned out real fine. Back is also incredible
Got my tracking for this along with The Flash the same day together but no info on this on Track 17 website any idea why The Flash tracking is working but Spider-man is not ?