Breaking Bad - The Complete Series (Blu-ray Box Set) (Amazon Exclusive) [Germany]


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Apr 14, 2012
Release date: November 14, 2019
Purchase link: Amazon DE
Price: €149.99
Notes: All 6 Seasons on 15 Blu-ray Discs • Over 55 hours of Extras & Bonus Material • Two-hour documentation on separate Blu-ray Disc • High-quality collector's "Meth-Mobil" made of ABS plastic, handpainted (dimensions approx 300 x 127 x 170 mm, lxwxh) • Newly designed digipacks and slipcases • sachet "Blue Magic" (Deco)

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I am very lucky to have her! (I have to say just in case she's created a profile and is checking up on me :shipped:) Most of the time she just rolls her eyes when I talk to her or show her stuff on here and when I get packages at the house she'll just ask what movie did I get now? We both really loved Breaking Bad so I knew she would think it was really cool but I didn't think I would be told that we have to have it!
Maybe I'm secretly your wife. :naughty: :p

Seriously though... that sounds cool! I couldn't imagine being with someone who didn't approve or take an interest in my hobbies, and vice versa.