Captain Marvel (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (SM Life Exclusive) [Korea]

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Feb 1, 2017
It’s sold out at Weet too. I wish I had known the preorder time. If it comes back into stock could someone tag me?

Edit: oh 2pm Korea time, dang!


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Jul 7, 2016
I cancelled my WWA (steelbook only) order from Zavvi in favour of this SM Life version. I've kept the Zavvi collectors edition too. Didn't really see the need for the additional steelbook on its own for this movie.


Jul 8, 2016
I've bought all the marvel one's. The slips would look better without the 4K logo, but it doesn't bother me as they still look quite nice. The full gloss and embossing always looks great on these full slips. No mediocre lenticulars to worry about.

The cheapest price on eBay is now $100.
Mar 24, 2013
What exactly is supposed to be spot glossed on that steelbook?
Can't remember where but I read somewhere that it's the sky and the ground on the front and the design on the back star logo.
(personally never been a fan of the artwork).

OK, found the US edition which looks to be the same ... pics courtesy @a.k.a.CRUSH :-
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Oct 31, 2014
If anyone has a copy of this they could sell for under $100, would you please message me? I still don’t think it’s a great set but I need something to hold me over because I can’t wait until 2020 for this. Thanks.
Mar 24, 2013
What exactly is supposed to be spot glossed on that steelbook?
Just the inverted "T" shape on the front - i. e. the hanger floor and the space between the hanger doors behind Danvers + the belt and motif on the back:-

Despite the spot gloss maybe my least favourite Marvel steelbook released in the UK to date.