Conan the Barbarian (4K UHD Limited Edition) (Arrow Video) [USA]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: January 30, 2024
Purchase links: Arrow Video - Amazon - DiabolikDVD - Grindhouse Video - Zavvi USA
Price: $45.00 (Arrow Video) - $29.99 (Amazon) - $38.99 (DiabolikDVD) - $39.99 (Grindhouse Video) - $44.99 (Zavvi USA)
Notes: Blu-ray is Extras Disc Region A locked

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  • Brand new 4K restoration from the original negative by Arrow Films
  • Double-sided fold-out poster
  • Six double-sided collectors’ postcards
  • Illustrated collectors’ booklet featuring new writing by Walter Chaw and John Walsh, and an archive set report by Paul M. Sammon

  • 4K (2160p) Ultra HD Blu-ray presentations in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible) of three versions of the film via seamless branching: the Theatrical Cut (127 mins), the International Cut (129 mins) and the Extended Cut (130 mins)
  • Newly restored original mono audio and remixed Dolby Atmos surround audio on all three cuts
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing on all three cuts
  • Archive feature commentary by director John Milius and star Arnold Schwarzenegger (Extended Cut only)
  • Brand new feature commentary by genre historian Paul M. Sammon, author of Conan: The Phenomenon (Extended Cut only)
  • Newly assembled isolated score track in lossless stereo (Extended Cut only)
  • Conan Unchained: The Making of Conan, an archive documentary from 2000 featuring interviews with Schwarzenegger, Milius, Stone, Jones, Lopez, Bergman, Poledouris and several others
  • Designing Conan, a newly filmed interview with production artist William Stout
  • Costuming Conan, a newly filmed interview with costume designer John Bloomfield
  • Barbaric Effects, a newly filmed interview with special effects crew members Colin Arthur and Ron Hone
  • Young Conan, a newly filmed interview with actor Jorge Sanz
  • Conan & The Priest, a newly filmed interview with actor Jack Taylor
  • Cutting the Barbarian, a newly filmed interview with assistant editor Peck Prior
  • Crafting Conan’s Magic, a newly filmed interview with visual effects crew members Peter Kuran and Katherine Kean
  • Barbarians and Northmen, a newly filmed interview with filmmaker Robert Eggers on the film’s influence on The Northman
  • Behind the Barbarian, a newly filmed interview with John Walsh, author of Conan the Barbarian: The Official History of the Film
  • A Line in the Sand, a newly filmed interview with Alfio Leotta, author of The Cinema of John Milius
  • Conan: The Rise of a Fantasy Legend, an archive featurette on the film’s literary and comic book roots
  • Art of Steel: Sword Makers & Masters, an archive interview with sword master Kiyoshi Yamasaki
  • Conan: From the Vault, an archive compilation of on-set cast and crew interviews
  • A Tribute to Basil Poledouris, a series of videos produced by the Úbeda Film Music Festival, including video of Poledouris conducting a concert of music from the film in 2006 (remixed in 5.1 surround) and interviews with collaborators such as Paul Verhoeven and Randal Kleiser
  • Rarely-seen electronic press kit from 1982, featuring over half an hour of on-set footage and cast and crew interviews (from a watermarked tape source)
  • Outtakes, including a deleted cameo by Milius
  • Split-screen “Valeria Battles Spirits” visual effects comparison
  • Conan: The Archives, a gallery of photos and production images from 2000
  • Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, an affectionate comic tribute to the film by Jon & Al Kaplan
  • US and International teaser and theatrical trailers
  • Image gallery
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Amazon will go live in next few days/weeks

The amazon price will start at MRSP $59.95 you won't end paying that higher price
Price will drop to $45 or less before release date
Price drop will happen automatically in your order
Is it easier to import to the UK with Amazon or direct from Arrow. Just wonder if the packaging might be better with Arrow. Does anybody know ?
from Arrow :

We’re sorry to inform you that the below products are delayed in being shipped out.
Ignore that email
Arrow previously had a release date January 16 before was changed to January 30

It’s just a auto generated email sent by their system based on the January 16 date
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Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer
Unboxings not your usual

Live Video from YouTube Cereal At Midnight he does a lot of talking so it slightly different to just a normal unboxing video
Select from start when you click play

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Has anyone tried to fit a steelbook in the single release of conan the barbarian ?
A SteelBook would fit as it’s a Slipbox that has space for separate amaray case + booklet + poster

You might need to remove the amaray case and poster if it’s a tight fit
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I'm in the UK if i buy this and destroyer of am i likely to get customs charges when it arrives ?
UK and EU countries
Amazon USA and all other Amazon websites
apply tax aka vat to order at checkout
Vat paid on order is based on delivery country vate rate in your case would be UK 20% vat

No customs as vat is paid when ordering
MVD Entertainment Group are the distributor for Arrow releases in USA
MVD use a pre book date for pre orders to be submitted by if retailers or other suppliers miss that cut off date those orders are shipped after listed street date and will depend on if stock still available.

Example if amazon or an other supplier they using miss the pre order cut off date with MVD there is no guarantee they will get delivery of stock ordered.

If you see your order listed with we'll notify you by email when we have an estimated delivery date for this item.
You might get delivery or not as this depends on if amazon or supplier they using are getting delivery of stock.

If you see a estimated delivery date listed in your amazon order you should be ok.