Enough with this.... Lets pour some real hard liquor in here!

Jason Bourne

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Since there is no place really for hard alcohol I thought I would post this in the beer section... seemed appropriate.

When your feeling a little more then beer what are you folks drinking?

Personally Im a Vodka man with the occasional scotch.

This is what Im drinking a few of on the rocks tonight (yes thats Iron Man beside my bottle! I threw it in the pic just for giggles for HDN):

A taste of the good life :) ...

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Apr 7, 2011
Glendale, AZ
My go to list for liquors is straight up Jameson or Jack Daniels for my whiskeys. Kraken Rum is just right for me. I do like crown royal black better than original crown royal but it's cost prohibitive compared to what I think it's worth. Grand Marienaer is pretty freaking good.

Someone also got me into tuaca, like the butterscotch version of jagermeister :p

Oh, and my girlfriend's co-worker came back from o'er seas and brought back some Absinthe with wormwood, not the america joke version the real deal. I took about 3 or 4 shots worth and it definitely tastes of absinthe, and then I just became a retard. :hilarious:
Since your favorite whiskeys are two of the more disgusting and overpriced one can find... I'll take your "America joke version" comment with a heavy pinch of salt. :cool:

Just bought my first bottle of Old Forester (86 proof version) last night --- REALLY GOOD! Only $9.99, which is pretty insane. Reminds me of $27 Woodford Reserve. I asked the manager at Total Wine to order me a Old Forester Signature (100 proof)... should be even better.

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yeah I knocked out lol.
Haha, didn't know that you're a lush, Wreck. ;)

Next time you're at Total Wine, you gotta grab yourself a bourbon and review it here (preferably while you're toasted.) :scat:
Jun 12, 2012
Well this thread sounds interesting, I just love Whisky :scat:

My "regular" is a ten year old Edradour, but my favourite is a 21y Balvenie PortWood. I enjoy this one on special occasions only. (For example next week whenn Germany´s going to win the European Cup ;))
Jun 17, 2015
Livonia, MI
being Polish... i mainly partake in vodka...

have had tried many types and flavors and whatnot...
Ciroc Red Berry with Club Soda is def my favorite combo... Stoli Bluberri and Club Soda is quite good as well...
also enjoy a Moscow Mule... usually with Tito's, but has to be Gosling's Ginger Beer... no other will do... :cool:

cannot stand Skyy or Absolut, that crap always gives me a hangover... but i will drink Smirnoff... :LOL:


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Sep 13, 2012
Warwick, UK
For the whisky lovers, I'm partial to Poit Dhubh 12 or 21 year old and that's what is causing my slow typing this evening :D


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TEQUILA is my favorite! :drool: I like Sauza (Blue Agave) and El Jimador (Anejo) :hungry: Lately I've been drinking Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey! :notworthy: (My older brother introduced me to it! ;))

Alyssa loves Malibu Rum and Lambrusco Wine, but she's been drinking 1800 Pomegranate Maragarita. I got it for her from Costco for $14!
It's pretty damn good! :angel:

And when I returned back to work from my Christmas break, my boss gave me these 2 bottles! :woot:
Jose Cuervo Tequila and Presidente Brandy! :cool:
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Jan 18, 2016
Northern Ireland
Jameson's 70cl bottles are down to £16 in my local so I bought three....still tempted to purchase some more but the more you have,the more you drink....not that there's anything particularly wrong with that.:confused: