Everything Everywhere All at Once (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Novamedia Exclusive #42) [Korea]


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Jan 6, 2015
Release date: May 31, 2023
Purchase links: Full Slip - Lenti - Quarter Slip - One Click (Pre-order on 19th May, 2023. 10 PM (Korea Time, UTC+9))
Price: $38.99 (Full Slip) - $39.99 (Lenti) - $35.99 (Quarter Slip) - $129.99 (One Click)
Note: Print run (Total print run = 4K, Domestic=2K, International=2K). One Click 500 copies - Full Slip 1000 numbered copies - Lenti 1200 numbered copies - Quarter Slip 300 copies
Group buy: hosted by Aniv Full Slip - Lenti - Quarter Slip - One Click


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OC defo went live early. Around 15 seconds. Also had in wishlist and was refreshing until it showed up and it hadn’t hit 2pm yet

Edit: might of been earlier because I got my confirmation dead on 2pm
My PayPal payment went through at 2:00.48 PM GMT+1, which was a few seconds after the SL went live. Had my confirmation timestamped 2:01, which I expect was bang on the minute too.
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Snuck in a little cheeky order for the Lenti this afternoon just as I was finishing up with work :D My order didn't go through till 14:03 UK time. I think I spent the first minute or two refreshing the main Nova Exclusive page with the listings on waiting for the damn + cart button to appear :rofl::facepalm: Wasn't until I actually clicked on the page I saw it was there and luckily completed payment in time :joy: Been such a long time since a Nova pre-order I felt like a damn n00b :bag: