Ex Machina (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Poland]

Sep 15, 2012
The Netherlands
Shipping is not bad for alot of european countries.

Shipping this to The Netherlands would cost me (99,98 zloty) + (22 zloty shipping) = 122 zloty <> 30 euros.

Mar 8, 2015
Thanks for the heads up on this, been trying to get hold of this for a while. One of the nicest steelbooks out there if pictures and seller prices are anything to go by

Release date: July 30, 2015
Purchase link: Bluedvd
Price: 99.89 zł = £17.09 --> Price change to 109.89 zł = £19.06


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Sep 10, 2014
The Land, OHIO - U.S.A.
When i went through checkout it was, but i didnt buy it so idk if theres any other fees. It said that was the final price though..
No additional fees. You were right with your quote.
I'm gonna be honest. I can't read Polish, so I can't even make a freaking purchase. Wow.
Super affordable. Use Google Chrome- it translates everything. And the member setup was SIMPLE (compared to other foreign sites). Used Paypal- easy peasy!:thumbs:
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