Fog City (2023) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Living Dead Media) [USA]

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Jan 6, 2015
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: Kickstarter NOW LIVE
Price: TBA
Note: A fresh take on SteelBooks through crowdfunding, brought to you by the creators behind the renowned Kill Her Goats SteelBook.
Print Run: 4000 numbered copies.
SteelBook Finish: Individually numbered via laser etching from 1 to 4000. Custom emboss/deboss tooling on front/back of the SteelBook. Spot gloss and varnish on both sides. Custom PT cover with art reveal. SteelBook bullet hole "wound". Awesome Art by Mexifunk (has done art for John Wick, Marvel, Punisher). Fully Embossed Magnet 4'' x 5''. High Gloss Collectible Mini-Poster.


**EARLY BIRD SPECIALS** You're our best and most loyal fans, so we want to give you a heads up that the lowest numbered SteelBooks 1 to 500 will have Early Bird Special prices and incentives for the first two days. We anticipate them going fast! The Kickstarter Campaign will start this Wednesday August the 23rd.

Fog City is an awesome finished feature film that we are very proud of. We love and support physical media, however we need your help to produce the SteelBook that Fog City deserves. Even if you don't collect SteelBooks, you'll be able to get an exclusive t-shirt and HD digital code combo and check out the RED BAND TRAILER which will be live on the Kickstarter page.

If interested I can host a small group buy; indicate in the poll if interested.
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Apparently the campaign was funded. Also, the SteelBooks project was funded on Kickstarter and they opened pre-orders in their site, they sold all the SteelBooks from #1-10.
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i wrote them an email after i got my damaged "kill her goats" ...maybe i scared them :naughty:
yes, im so powerful!