Ready Player One (4K+2D and 3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Manta Lab Exclusive No.17) [Hong Kong]

Which edition(s) will you be getting?

  • Full Slip

    Votes: 53 31.7%
  • Single Lenti

    Votes: 28 16.8%
  • Double Lenti

    Votes: 47 28.1%
  • One Click

    Votes: 47 28.1%

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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: September 10, 2018
Purchase links: Full Slip (4K + 2D) - Double Lenti (3D + 2D) - Single Lenti (3D + 2D) - One Click (Pre-order on August 3 at 8 PM Hong Kong time, GMT+8) Check your local timing HERE
Price: $48.99 (Full Slip 4K+2D or Double Lenti 3D+2D) - $47.99 (Single Lenti 3D+2D) - $155.97 (One Click)
Notes: The one click box is like a matchbox. There's an outer cover and an inner container.
Print run is 2800 units for both Domestic and International, Full Slip 900 - Single Lenti 900 - Double Lenti 1000 - One Click 500.
Group buy: hosted by Aniv One Click - Double Lenti - Full Slip - Single Lenti

- Slips: Full sized Booklet, Character Cards, Post Cards, Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Sticker, Exclusive Lenticular Sticker, Envelope,

- Full Slip: Spot Holofoil, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Scratch Resistance Coating + Embossing
- Lenticular Full Slip: Super Clear 3D Lenticular + High Quality Holofoil Paper Slip + Spot Glossy + Embossing
- Double Lenticular Full Slip: 2 x Super Clear 3D Lenticular + High Quality Paper Slip + Spot Glossy + Spot Matte + Embossing
- One Click Box: Featuring Yuji Kaida's Illustrations + High Quality Box + Spot Matte + Spot Glossy + Spot Holofoil + Embossing
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This seems to be a race between Hdzeta and Manta for me. Excited to see what they give us. Bring it! :woot:

Haven’t seen the movie but it’s one of those I’m more or less certain I will like. Right up my alley.
Was hoping on a steel for this so WEA and manta is a thumbs up from me

Just hope it actually happens
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Drop everything you're doing, yes including sleeping now :p and go watch this! :D
LOL. Ikr? I was supposed to watch it last week but my friend's mom had surgery so he had to take care of her. We're planning to watch it this weekend. Plus I only wanna watch it in IMAX 3D and the show times are like 1 per day.
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Watched the movie yesterday in cinema and liked it. Especially the
shining scene. I mean: DAMN! How did he do it?! :D Or the T2 thumbs up from the Iron Giant :D
and all the other hidden and unhidden things :) Bet I could watch this movie a 1000 times and would find everytime another cool easteregg. BUT the story isnt really the best, unsure if I need a premium for this. Let's see what Manta comes up with :)

And I really hope this will not be the last Spielberg movie released as Manta release :)