Frozen II (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Fanatic Exclusive 01) [Hong Kong]


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Release date: June 2020 (TBC)
Group buy: Hosted by Wreck Double Lenti - Single Lenti - Box Set
Note: Will include OST CD only.
Double Lenti: WEA SteelBook - a 44-page collector's photos booklet - exclusive numbered collector card (Elsa) - exclusive Elsa sticker
Single Lenti: WEA SteelBook - set of art cards in iridescent paper - exclusive numbered collector card (Anna) - exclusive Anna sticker
Box Set: Both Double Lenti and Single Lenti editions in a custom made box - exclusive large folding movie poster - exclusive set of movie post cards - exclusive numbered collector card (Anna & Elsa) - exclusive Anna & Elsa sticker

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Double Lenti.jpg Lenti.jpg Box Set.jpg
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Jun 23, 2018
They are being shipped now to most European countries like UK and France.
But the regular air shipping to some major countries like US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Japan is still suspended but should be lifted soon.
Any idea when tracking numbers given out for UK thanks
I just got done uploading tracking for all the orders that have currently been shipped out, or are shipping out. You can check that tracking # in your group buy sales profile.

that is how -----^

(so crazy only some USA zipcodes can get it currently. So far those 2 members were @blurayfanatic and @FFiYWSC )

Currently the regular air shipping service is still suspended and unavailable to our group buy members in following major countries:
USA (outside West Coast areas with zipcode 81300 - 93999), Canada, Germany, Russia, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Brazil and Japan.
If any members want to upgarde to the Speedpost Express shipping service and don't mind paying the extra cost of $30 for the set, or $20 for the single edition,
Phone# is mandatory and Korean addy needs PCC

Tracking code might not be working right away. Please wait several days for it registered into the system.
PLEASE ALLOW 4 TO 12 WEEKS FOR THE DELIVERY! Due to Covid, the delivery times might be much longer than usually expected.
Please track the order at Hongkong Post - Track and Trace
For the tracking # ended with CN, please track the order at CNE递一物流 | 让跨境电商更简单!

I see some people already receiving OUATIH, great... I just got tracking numbers, I'll upload them later tonight.
Apr 18, 2017
@Wreck for the group buy. My one click is amazing.. :drool:

By the way does Anyone have any idea what size box cover to get for the one click set as the Blufans one click cover from steel book central won’t fit