Ghost Rider (Media Markt Exclusive)(Blu-ray SteelBook) [Germany]

Ghost Rider - Blu Ray Steelbook -

Popular German Electronics Store Media Markt has went on a SteelBook releasing tirade this past week and here is a glimpse at the recent release of Ghost Rider.

Picture compliments of German Blu-ray SteelBook Collector MasterBlaster

Discuss whether you like the look of this steel and if you plan to pick this on up either now or later.

Click on pic to enlarge, the ratings logos are stickers ... this time.


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Mine is a sticker, I bought it at release. I know a couple months ago it was still on amz but wasnt sure if they were shipping steel. Maybe someone has ordered it recently.

ps. I will probably move this thread later if we have a ghost rider thread ...


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