Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]

Jul 1, 2013
Berlin, Germany
Release date: TBA
Purchase links: Amazon - Walmart
Price: $55.99

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It's like a zoomed out version.

Since there's nothing like this for Afterlife, and I didn't buy the 'femake', even though I got the poop art versions for the 2 original films, I think I'll just buy the one in the OP to go with the Japanese steel.
There is.. the Japanese version, as per my post above. It's also not the same. There's no car in the one. Fairly different image.
No no, the film name is the right one (you can add the other two, if you like, but FE's p00p-art artwork is perfect for that gif :D :D )
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Wow, that's Demolition Man level of laziness cheap 'design' - same artwork with 'disappeared' actors. :meh:
It's the interior, rather than the rear, and the disc side at that. So I wouldn't get caught up on it tbh.. sony rarely use interior art at all lol it's better than nothing. I think I prefer this over the other.
Ohhhh I’m actually preferring the wrap around on this one now. Nice