Horror-Theatrical Halloween Kills - In theaters October 15, 2021

Sep 10, 2020
Well that was.. something lol. Film is a bit of a mess overall with some weird tonal shifts that kinda make it feel like a comedy at times (Guess McBride couldn't help himself). I wont go into spoilers but while I like the idea behind the ending its ultimately kinda dumb. I am a gorehound though and despite how over the top some of the kills are I was entertained overall. There are some nice ties to the original and i love the slightly burned look of Myers in this.

Very much looking forward to getting my hands on the Steelbook and watching all that claret in 4K :vamp:


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Is Michael MEYERS the unknown cousin we never knew Michael MYERS had??

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Apr 28, 2011
Saw this last week and absolutely frigging loved it, my favourite film of the year so far

Might not have been the best film ever but the non-stop killfest was just fun to watch


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Jun 4, 2013
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Just got back from watching it..........Well at least I can save some money on the steelbook now!

It’s weird ain’t it. It pays off on the violence etc but the story is a mess. That hospital scene and the ending that seemed like a dream was just rubbish. Shame because I love the 2018 film
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