I Just Bought X Collectible!


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I have some hot toys, but I am not sure I can post pics here? Kidding...

Hahah - now, don't go getting the boys all riled up... ;)

I've only recently joined the Hot Toys fold.

My first one was the "Big Baby" from Hellboy II

Now I've gotten two Iron Man busts (currently working on a very modest space to put these)...

And I'm contemplating getting a 12" figure at some point, but they are expensive...

Here are the official pics of my busts...



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Very nice guys :D
Lol @DB ;)
Only hot toy ive got is George Lucas ;)
Got afew Sideshows in the post, Freedy and Jason.
Also got this collection stored at my mums :rolleyes:

These two have been signed , heres the close up..

My helmets.

My Blade fom Pupet master..


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May 9, 2010
Dallas, Texas
I don't have any hot toys but I did pre order the jil valentine one that is coming out, I did just get this beast.. It's from sideshow collectibles. Limited to 550 worldwide. And it's huge..

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