Infini (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Capelight) [Germany]


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Feb 23, 2014
Release date: October 16th, 2015
Purchase link: Amazon DE
Price: €23.98


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Its only the movie poster, not the final artwork. Will post when Capelight release it.

I love Capelight and most of the time you can't go wrong with a Capelight release. If its the movie or the quality of their Steelbooks and Mediabooks.

I'm sure that's true. I have The Signal steelbook and that's fantastic.
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Haven't seen it. But I saw parts of the director's first movie- and it wasn't great. All CG sets a la Kung Fury.
But I love Sci Fi so hoping for the best. Which Hemsworth is in this? Is he a good one?
After the onslaught of Wayans kids, the Arquettes, and the Baldwin Brothers- can we survive the invasion of the Hemsworth clan? The Baldwins proved that there is no maxim that 'Since one can act, they must all be good actors.'*
*(See- Clint Howard, Joe Estevez, Frank Stallone, Jim Hanks, Don Swayze, etc.)
And, yes...that cover is 'Floating Head-a-Palooza'...DomeStock...BurningMelon...NogginFest...
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hhmmm just watched trailer looks like a mix of aliens and resident evil tbh might be intrested in this, but will be all down to price tbh

basil :thumbs:
The German forum is running a vote for the cover artwork (click for full size images):


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Never heard of this film, trailer is looking pretty good and it's a Capelight release. Buy. :D
As for the cover: I hope 2 or 3 will be the final choice, I voted for 3 as I really love that artwork. :drool:

@Jay37 bluray-disc DE - But you do have to be registered there to be able to cast your vote.
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Voted for B. Knowning capelight, I have two of their steelbooks and they do an awesome gloss job. B would look glorious, with out a doubt.

Now for the movie, the trailer seems interesting. I love sci fi. All kinds, blockbuster to indie. The are not a lot of reviews for this movie and most of them are mixed - which is ok. The signal (capelight) had mixed reviews but was very interesting.

If B wins I will have to try this film out. The past two capelight steels have been reasonably priced as well.
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I really like Capelight steelbook releases, their design and quality :)

Voted for option B, but will get this at some point regardless of the chosen design.

It's great that they now seem to be including English subtitles on their releases, hopefully every time :thumbs: