IT (1990) (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Cine-Museum Art #12) [Italy]

Jun 29, 2011
the site management system (shopify) is offline.
As soon as they solve the technical problem we will enter the tracking codes.
At the moment we are unable to access the application that handles the shipments.
This disruption does not affect delivery times.
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Nov 29, 2011
Mine was shipped out on the 22nd, think it has IT and Pet Secretary both in it. One was a GB and 1 was off website
Jun 29, 2011
Dear collectors,

all parcels have been sent to our courier in Milan, we have no control on waiting time to complete all procedures before shipment.
We worked as fast as possible to gove priority to hi Def Ninja's GB, as always, but probably our efford is not appreciated.

1. This is not the right place to ask infos or assistence. I'm happy to answer directly to everyone but is definitely imposisble to connect Ninjas Nicknames with orders on CM store. If you need an update or more infos, please contact me via PM or email ( with all infos to fond your order.

2. i explained many times reasons of delay. We needed double or triple checks on lists to secure correct collectibles numbers considering previuos orders of IT 2017 CMA#05 and Pet Sematary remake CMA#14. We did an extra job to create special lists and don't make any mistake.

For any doubts or question, don't esitate to send private message.

Thank you
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Jun 29, 2011
same here, no movement since 18
Your parcel has been sent to our courier in Milan on friday. Couriers doesn't work on week-end in Italy, it means that your parcel will arrive in Milan on Monday and it will be processed.
from that moment, tracking code will became active in 24/48 hours.
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