Jaws - 45th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #134) [Czech Republic]

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Release date: June 3, 2020 (Standard) - July 15, 2020 (FAC)
Purchase links: Standard - FAC
Price: 999 CZK (Standard) - 1699 CZK (FAC)
Note: Limited to 601 numbered copies

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Nov 5, 2019
Haven't bought a FAC before ~ love this film, so def interested in this. Is this the release to get? :thumbs:


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FAC listing is now showing on Film Arena Website

FAC *** JAWS Double 3D Lenticular FULLSLIP XL Steelbook™ Limited Collector's Edition - numbered (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)

FAC listing

Standard listing
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Dec 22, 2011
Mom's Basement
Steelbook art is just too plain. Maybe a license plate or a pair of bloody swimming trunks stuck to the shark's
teeth would have spiced things up. Also, the girl swimmer should be in the same image with the shark, not on the
back alone. Maybe they could have put the Quint, Brody and the Dreyfuss characters on the back. Heck, I would have
settled for the stubborn mayor with the horrible '70s suit on the back.
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