Léon: The Professional (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. ?) [Hong Kong]

Jun 13, 2013
well, at the very least it is one my favorite releases ;) it was a oring+another clear slip on top that made it look quite unique.. some of the best releases are thin o ring... memento kimchi, john wick novamnm.. they just dealt differently with artcards or booklets, that no one ever looks at anyways :D

we‘ll see about the manta lab release..not much to improve with the steelbook and especially mantas slips were pretty lackluster lately due to the aforementioned problem of having too many editions

was hoping it was at least 4k uhd, but its only blu-ray :O will probably grab it anyways
Manta not doing this in 4K?

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Aug 14, 2015
Yeah I’ve got the same variant. It was my first waxwork
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Aug 25, 2013
I also kinda hope this isn’t the directors cut. I grew up with the normal version from a young age. Leon is one of my favourite films and I didn’t see the directors cut until I was in my mid twenties. Didn’t really like the experience. Normal version is better
Yeah, definitely agree with you there... it's a bit too weird for me. It's ok hinting a little bit, but it's way over the top in the longer cut
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Oct 13, 2013
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cool, but kimchidvd release is probably one of the best ever.. cant see them beating it with their usual approach of spreading good artwork across 4 different versions (oc included)

Quite simply one of the greatest steelbook editions of all-time! Still takes pride of place on my display. Just stunning!

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I just found out I did buy that Kimchidvd steel in 2014. Stuck it in one of the boxes with sealed new editions I wasn't opening any time soon, and forgot...
That, plus Supreme series digibook and the recent UHD steelbook from US, and it appears I don't really need more.
It appears... :spoil:
Jun 11, 2016
the kimchi is one of my fav steels ever. gonna take alot for them to beat it for me :D

My thoughts exactly. I'm still trying to get that one (very expensive), and I fear Manta's release isn't gonna change that.

Same goes for Le Grand Bleu and The Fifth Element, no need to replace those. Kimchi did great job with Besson.

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I wasn't gona write what I 'found' again in my unsorted piles, but seeing how this Leon edition is praised, just had to pour some salt on the wound...
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Same goes for Le Grand Bleu and The Fifth Element, no need to replace those. Kimchi did great job with Besson.
Oh, The Fifth Element from Kimchidvd was awesome, it was the first time I ever bought all editions with basically the same content inside (same steel, cards, etc). My favorite is the purplish one, with Zorg on the back... I'm sorry, Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg!


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