LCD Monitor Recommendations

Apr 29, 2009
Hey everybody,

I'm looking into upgrading my old 19in 4:3 samsung LCD monitor. I've been looking around online and most monitors look to be getting mixed reviews and I'm not sure which ones are reliable. If anyone has any recommendations on a great widescreen monitor I'd love to hear about it.

For a little more clarity, I'm looking for a widescreen monitor, preferably
1920 X 1200 resolution, size...bigger is always better...I've been looking at the 24in ones, but I'd love to hear the pros and cons between 1080p res and say, 1680 X 1050. This monitor will be used for school, gaming, and whatever else I hook up to it.

Thanks in advance for the help.:)

edit: Is 3D worth looking into?
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I hear the dell 24 inch monitors are good. I think they reach 1920x1200. The quality of the picture is nice.

I have a 24 inch that can do 1680x1050 at work and I love it! It's really up to you man.
ewww dell... Samsung or LG.. please..

I am sure you spend must of your nights playing PC games to make such remark?

Here's the new model, most of my friends who play PC games got this, is perfect for gaming. Also the contrast ratio is excellent. If I had the cash I'd buy this in a heart beat. It is recommended by CNET.

Obviously if you don't want to fork over that kind of cash here's more to look at, I've seen these in action and they are not bad:

At the end of the day is up to you to decide, you are going to have to do some much more hw :) there are user reviews there.
That Dell Ultrasharp looks awesome...I'm putting that on my list of possibilities. Those Samsungs look great as well. I have a lot of thinking to do.