Let The Bullets Fly (Blu-ray Metal Box) (iMovie Exclusive) [China]

May 19, 2012
Beacuse of some reasons, Farewell My Concubine and Fist of legend were delayed for half a year. I am very sorry. Now FMC and Fist of legend will begin shipping on April 5 to April 15. This VMBs were made in china HPM's factory, not VIVA's.
The iMovie exclusive NO.3 is Let The Bullets Fly.
The release date change to 6/20, limited to 1000 with laser etched, numbered copies, full paper slip and plastic slip, 10x(or more) photo card, artwork plastic card.
Only 200-300 copies for international customers.
The blu-ray disc was remastered and removed the watermark.
Glossy finish, Embossed title.




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These aren't official Viva's imo. They look exactly the same but they are considered illegal so I at least don't recognise them as Viva's. They're more like bootleg Viva's.
Just my 2 cents.
Let the bullets fly Steelbook (country???)

Hey guys,
i found this one on the web, someone has heard or info?