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Jan 14, 2014
Hello there,
Some of you might have seen me around on other forums, mostly french ones, but I was also a member on the late Import Forums.
Long time DVD collector, I managed to get myself a dedicated room in my new house where I can neatly expose (almost) everything.
Some details :
-around 2200 titles in the collection, more or less. About half/half DVD/Blu-ray
-everything comes from Ikea : bookshelf "Billy", glass cabinet "Detolf", shelf "Lack"
-several hundreds of "simple" DVD editions are still stored in boxes, having no more room to expose them

Enough talked, let's see some pics :

Some of my favorite editions : TV Shows - Oldboy collection - Matrix collection - Rocky Anthology - Spielberg collection - Tontons Flingueurs - Marvel collection

Figurines Walking Dead (so bad they didn't continue the collection) + collection Ultra Collector Carlotta + steelbooks/digibooks/boxsets BD

My very much loved DVD Digipacks

Game of Thrones - Terminator - Tim Burton

Some Busts incl. Alien / Predator

Harry Potter dedicated glass cabinet

And much more !

Feel free to ask if you have any questions !

Enjoy !


The Matrix has you...
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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
@Loom Nice collection. Some really cool editions. Some I've never seen before.And my Matrix collection is missing that Nebuchadnezzar still. You know who to PM when you sell it right? :naughty:
Oct 11, 2017
Hey @Loom. I remember you from The Import Forums! I went under a different username back then but it’s great to see you on here.

Awesome collection. I’m just in the process of of slimming down my collection so have been been selling a number of these releases you have, but am holding onto a few key pieces that you also have on display.
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