Man of Steel (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive #63) [China]

May 6, 2015
Group buy: Hosted by Wreck Box Set - Double Lenti

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Thanks. I ordered a DL and OC from the HDN Shop and I’m from Australia. Have heard nothing about either order. I don’t mind waiting but more concerned if there is any issue with my orders. Especially seeing and hearing lots of others have received there’s I was getting a little concerned.
I’m in Australia & got my DL 2 weeks ago. Might be worth looking into mate
I’m in Australia & got my DL 2 weeks ago. Might be worth looking into mate
Thanks for your concern. And glad you received your DL. Mine actually arrived 3 days ago. I contacted Wreck last week who was very helpful and followed it up and provided me tracking details.
I am not sure if WeeT is still active :whistle:
Sometimes they do have a bit of a wait between editions I know. The anticipation though is big for me anyway on what they will do next. Safe bet is SM Far From Home but Man of Steel and Arrival were completely unexpected titles. For me. So who knows.
Okay, maybe they changed their release strategy and only do 1-2 releases at the end of each year. Who knows. Still strange, compared to the years 2019-2022.
Yeah, must have. Without a constant stream of MCU wea releases, and larger sony wwa releases, I guess they had to change how they operate.

I thought the same last year tbh, that they'd shut up shop, then Homecoming came out of nowhere. Apparently they're gearing up to announce their next release soon.
Dam I hate you so much but thanks for that pic. I’m just missing HDZeta and f that I ain’t paying those ridiculous asking prices. They gotta put it up for auction at some point and then I get it for a steal ;)