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May 29, 2015
Hi all,

I'm new to steelbook collecting but I am very excited about getting started. I am a long time Marvel die hard fan and would like to invest about $1,000 USD. I'd love to get your advice as to what is the best way to spend this amount of money (exclusively on Marvel steelbooks). My goal is to make these a long term investment (e.g. pass the down to my grandkids etc.).

Any specific links would be great!



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Mar 1, 2012
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Hey C, welcome to the HDN!

Let me start off by saying that steelbooks, or most forms of physical media, are probably not great long terms investments if your thinking of worth value simply because the next format, after the current blu-rays, will automatically replace them and these wont be worth too much for your grandkids.

But, if your looking to invest for other reasons then i would say the greatest marvel Steelbook Grail is also the first that came out and that is Iron Man (Futureshop Edition) which you can find on ebay for a big amount of that budget.

Then there are a bunch of others that im sure my fellow ninjas will point out. Ill just leave a few:
- Thor (Any 1st Edition especially Japan or korea, which are the rarest)
- All Blufans Exclusives
- Captain America (Any 1st Edition, especially Hmv)
- Avengers (Novamedia Editions - those were recent and very popular)
Feb 11, 2013
Don't really think that steelbooks will be a great investment. They're technology. In a few years, they'll be replaced by another medium and be almost worthless probably. As far as collecting goes, I recommend going slow and steady. I wouldn't look to blow all your money at once, getting packages consistently over time is more exciting. As far as Marvel goes, Thor: The Dark World lenticular slip from kimchidvd is probably the most sought after right now. Futureshops Iron Man is another big hit.


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May 15, 2014
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Welcome to HDN and have fun! :)

My only advice to you: don't spend that $1000 for another 4 - 5 months. Since you're new to steelbook collecting as well, get to know it better first. You will be tempted on many occasions but I recommend holdign off until you have a better understanding. Do research, look at pics and spend some time here. A lot of helpful people here. Someone once said "information is priceless". So once you know exactly what you want you can then start buying. And remember buying off eBay is not the only option; that should actually be your last option. There's HDN, other websites and also trading. Good luck :thumbs:
Apr 29, 2015
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As someone myself with about 3 months of collecting, I think the best answer to your question is to buy when they are released in a GB or direct. I wouldnt use the word investment but in regards to value. Buying when they are released at the retail value will give you kind of an "investment". I learned the hard way by having to pay the going cost on thor kimichidvd and then over-payed for CA HMV. However some will continue to rise in value, Id look at the blufans release if I were you. In my opinion the marvel grails currently are:
CA and Thor HMV
Thor Kimichidvd
IM future shop which is the most expensive and hard to find. Im still looking for one
Blufans and Nova Avengers are very popular now as well


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Oct 13, 2013
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have to honestly say the word steelbook and investment are complete polar oppoisites, it very rarely happens that way.

you collect steels cos you love them or if you really want to invest $1000 for the grandkids go buy some gold and sit on it.
but don't think you will get buy steels and make money it doesn't happen that often tbh.

i personally buy steels cos i love them have bought plenty that have halfed in price now straight from the suppliers.
and have bought some that i have had to pay thru the nose for lucky for me they are counted only on 2 hands.

I would like to hope youll collect steels for the love of it. my one piece of advice buy what you like but as others have said mooch about the forum it will steer you right and you will learn soo much from other members.

oh and the steels that bring the most money are sealed and stay sealed with perfect shrink wrap, it really gets that anal for some, but i open most of mine films is for watching :D

my most expensive set is 3 iron man films all sealed cost me £150 ($229), but it was the first 2 where the money is loaded into (but i have other steels i watch of these)

my most expensive open steel is £75($114) futureshop inglourious basterds is quite rare, at the time was £150($229) for a sealed copy if you could get one! sure last time i looked a sealed one was around £200($309)mark

the problem is once you start you won't want to stop :LOL: it becomes a very obbesive hobby takes alot of your time up and youll be on here alot, but it is great fun :D

all the best
basil :thumbs:
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