Marvel SteelBooks WEA with all goodies?

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How much would you pay for Marvel titles WEA Glossy / Debossed SteelBook with all goodies & no DISCs

  • $25

    Votes: 29 19.3%
  • $30

    Votes: 49 32.7%
  • $35

    Votes: 35 23.3%
  • $40

    Votes: 37 24.7%

  • Total voters


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Jul 6, 2016
me like this. interested! :thumbs:

i have realised that i am almost as much of a packaging junky as i am a cinema nerd. i have no idea why, but there you go. :bag: i bought the Fanatics Frozen because i wanted the continuity of design, layout and treatment with the original. having some way of plugging existing gaps, and/or creating new series, could be great.

i don't know what you are envisaging, @Aniv, but an alternate approach in a world owned by Disney is definitely worth a look. Disney's physical media products (if they even exist) these days are a sorry state of affairs, since they no longer care. that's their business model now. if i look at my super-bossed gloss Snow White steel from years ago and most of their output recently, there's zero comparison.

looking around this site, there are already multiple threads showcasing superb Ninja work on slips, steels, and other designs. if there was any HDN input into whatever you are pondering, we already have the talent and the skills here. :notworthy: and the Reel Synergy releases show HDN knows how to do this sort of thing. :woot:
Aug 25, 2013
I'll be first in line for the Onward, Raya, Shang-Chi and Toy Story 4 ones.

I like the Black Widow one, but prefer @Noodles concept for that

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Apr 24, 2014
One Clicks: $100-$125
Full Slips & Single Lenti's: $25.99-$30.99
Double Lenti's: $30.99-$33.99

If WEET, Manta Lab, and others are thinking about doing this should keep the print run capped at 2,000 copies.
Should start with Marvel titles that never got a proper release: Iron Man 2, IM 3, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Those are easy sell outs.
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