Marvel SteelBooks WEA with all goodies?

How much would you pay for Marvel titles WEA Glossy / Debossed SteelBook with all goodies & no DISCs

  • $25

    Votes: 29 19.3%
  • $30

    Votes: 49 32.7%
  • $35

    Votes: 35 23.3%
  • $40

    Votes: 37 24.7%

  • Total voters


Sep 3, 2019
Depending on which editions, 40.

Would go for 4-discs options on avengers, ant-man, homecoming, infinity war, endgame and far from home for bonus discs.
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Jan 6, 2015
$25-30 less than what a full package would run. Those would be what the discs costs on release date from a normal retailer.
Discs dont cost $25-30 and we are talking about established movies not new releases. For example Weet Spider-Man was average $52, if you got a copy would you sell me everything except the discs for $27? :D


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Jan 6, 2015
@Aniv would this be a serious thing or just an idea at the moment?

also one other question would this be from the start or picking up from movie X

basil :thumbs:

just bouncing ideas right now. See if its financially viable etc; The idea would be to make complete sets over time in no particular order. So for example all titles for Phase 1 or Phase 2 or Phase 3 first.

I certainly appreciate consistency in designs and packaging for sequels or movies in the same general timeline.


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Jan 6, 2015
HDzeta did this for as low as 25-30 previously so I would like to see that range but we are talking blockbuster movies too

Ooh and are we talking 1clicks or just 1 edition only.

Yes but Zeta doesnt do Disney/Marvel and the mouse means $$$; maybe 3-4 editions per title. All an idea.