Memories of Murder (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

Jan 30, 2013
FFO, Germany
Release date: January 18, 2024
Purchase links: WeET Full Slip - 1/4 Slip
Price: $48.99 (Full Slip) - $45.99 (1/4 Slip)

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Interested in the film, but this package not inspiring to me.., just saw the Criterion cover,, Same grass theme, but at least bit more vibe at first glance.
Oh yes I'll be having this. Been loads of other stuff I've wanted on Yukipalo for a while but never made up an order so looks like I'm going in.
I ordered Ninth Gate from him with a copy also. Are you expecting them to ship together? With what I paid for shipping that’s what I’m assuming is going to be the case.
You do know ninth gate is in the nova 1/2 price winter sale don't you? It has been for the last few years lol it isn't going anywhere, and it's a pretty bland slip tbh.
I'm having a hard time ordering this, mostly due to the fact that I'm really disappointed with the art they've used. There's definitely some good art out there for this movie and they decided to use the most lacklustre art.
Was able to get the FS from YUKIPALO. I don’t love or hate the artwork used for the FS or the Steelbook but the movie is so good that I had to get the FS.