Ninja Week 2016: Retailer-Sponsored Prizes Announced!

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In the same vein as Andy's sneak peek thread, I thought I'd also do a little something to get the Ninjas excited. I've been reaching out to tons of companies/studios to participate in this year's Ninja Week and while some have sadly said no and some have said maybe, we do have some definite yeses. I won't reveal the prizes -- for that, you'll have to bite your nails until the Ninja Week kick-off -- but I will reveal the companies.

Ninjas, I proudly present some of the companies that were pumped to participate in this year's Ninja Week...

Let's give a round of applause to these companies for believing in the ninja spirit and for helping to make Ninja Week 2016 the best Ninja Week that you've seen yet! If we get more yeses, I'll continue to add to the list. :thumbs:

Also, don't forget -- right now to February 29th, save 20% off at the Legendary Shop with code NINJA20!



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Dec 24, 2014
Don't troll me for saying this ...

What is ninja week, what do you have to do to participate ? :p ... I only ever use the Bluray steelbook / Groupbuy section of this wonderful forum !
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