*New to Ninja Week? Be sure to see that are MULTIPLE pages of give-aways!!! Check them all out and enter as many as you can! May the odds be ever in your favor!*


Ninja Week Officially starts on Monday, March 25th and it marks our 9th Annual Event.

An event where retailers, companies, and the good people of this Community come forward and host give-aways with prizes for people to win. It's a fun filled week that can be outright bonkers at times trying to enter into all the give-aways. But it's a great week of fun none the less.

The spirit of the Community always seems to shine in this week of the year. #BESTWEEKEVER #NINJAWEEK Share across social media and bring people to the forums to take part in this fun!

Good Luck!


BluFans, Manta Lab, Nova Media & Plain Archive

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On behalf of all the mods and staff at HDN I'd like to thank all the people who hosted a giveaway and also all the members who have participated in giveaways. Your participation is key as it proves our activity as a whole for this fine forum, and that is what also helps us go out and work to get great prizes to give away. It all goes hand in hand and it definitely brings me joy in this crazy world we live in that we get the chance and opportunity to give back whether personally or through the power of the site's brand & traffic.

A lot of retailers came forward with prizes so keep that in mind when purchasing this year as we hope to have them giveaway more merch in the future. (like next year's 10th Annual NINJA WEEK!!!) Not every retailer comes on board, so we're very thankful to those that do and understand that by giving back to the Community goes a long way with the fine folks of this here Community!

To name a few...

Zavvi, Blufans, NovaMedia, Manta Lab, Plain Archive, EverythingBlu, Lego, Bottleneck Gallery, MVD Entertainment, Lionsgate, Universal, Scanavo, Arrow Video, Vice Press, PlayMobil, USAopoly, Insight Editions, Capelight Pictures


And I'm sure I'm forgetting more. And of course, Hi-Def Ninja ;) did contribute a lot too.

I'm typically working a lot in the behind the scenes, so while I'd love to shout out all the thanks to the members who contributed I dont want to start and miss one so I'd rather just thank you all collectively! If you read this, and you hosted a giveaway THANK YOU!



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Many thanks to all our donators and hosts. Your kindness is much appreciated and won't be forgotten! :)

And congrats to all the winners, of course! I hope you had an enjoyable #NinjaWeek. :thumbs: