[NL] steelbooks for trade and sale

Hello I have the following steelbooks for trade and sale

Price are negotiable I can send you detailed pictures on request

prices are without shipping costs, packaging with track & trace € 13,- (dutch postal services) Eu region,
for shipping to US or Canada or rest of the world, please send me a PM and I send you a mail with post costs.
Steelbooks will be shipped in very secure/solid packaging.

I can provide detailed pictures if you are interested

transformers Revenge of the Fallen with region B discs €25,-

Rise of the Planet of the Apes € 10,-
dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-2d-3d-blu-ray-futurepak-france € 25,-
The Matrix Reloaded France, € 10,-
The Matrix Revolutions France, €10,-
The Wolverine France steelbook , opened but in mind condition € 50 or trade

The Last of the Mohicans (Der letzte Mohikaner) digibook cover B new and sealed (trade only)

X-Men First Class limited edition steelbook new and sealed € 35 , or trade

US + CZ(filmarena)
BLACK BARONS #6 IN THE HEART OF THE SEA FullSlip + Booklet + Collector's Cards € 47 or trade
THE-PRINCESS-AND-THE-FROG-IRONPAK-steelbook- new and sealed € 60 or trade
hitman-agent-47-exclusive-black-barons-edition-steelbook-3 new and sealed, € 50 or trade

Hitman agent-47 blu-ray-steelbook kimchidvd exclusive 25-korea new and sealed € 50 or trade

High wants

The Wolverine (lenticular blu-ray steelbook HMV exclusive
daredevil marvel UK steelbook
Prometheus (2012) 3D - Filmarena Exclusive Limited Lenticular Edition Steelbook #2
The Hulk Lenticular steelbook
The Amazing Spiderman lenticular HMV steelbook
The Amazing Spiderman 2 lenticular HMV steelbook

Low wants

the Wolverine lenticular HMV steelbook
Spiderman legacy collection best buy exclusive steelbook
Spiderman legacy collection 4K best buy exclusive steelbook
Dredd 4K best buy exclusive steelbook
Bad Boys 1 and 2 4K best buy exclusive steelbook
The evil dead 1 & 2 4K best buy exclusive steelbook
Suicide Squad 3D +2D steelbook (dutch or belgian release)
Rio Bravo steelbook ,france of Germany
Superman Returns steelbook (with inside art work)

Also looking for 4K blu ray discs only , but must be with dutch subs

Harry Potter 1-7
X-men first class 4K

blu rays and slipcovers for trade
Blu ray slipcovers and normal blu rays for trade

If you are interested in buying but don't agree with the prices, send me a PM and maybe we got a deal

Looking for trade, send me a PM

References : I already traded with eendje/ scorpius/ AnubisNefer /Cyan on the dutch forum dvd.nl
traded/sale here on this forum with : Elendile /Nedan/IL Furiano /stevew1978/DominiCD/ C.C.95/Wreck/RhodW/Charleybusko/Naughtius Maximus

reference name on dutch forum: dvd.nl : Xenomorph
reference name on bluray-disc.de:Ripley326


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