Order 28 weeks of Sports Illustrated for $50 get Madden 2010 for Free!


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
what about the infamous swimsuit edition horhay? you not interested in that? or does this deal not include that cause its a special issue or something
My favorite is the "sign of the apocalypse". Guess they don't have enough of that silly soccer sport. :hilarious::p

You better get ready because an onslaught of coverage is coming next year with the biggest event in sports that not even your wimpy super bowl will ever surpass ;)

BTW I get the swimsuit issue from my dad, they always have them at the Marriott hotel that he works at :scat:

And Basketball and Baseball ... and YEAH! Horhay knows nada when it comes to SI

Cuz that's all I see whenever I stop by 711 :) might have to give this a try now