Parasite (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [France]

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Mar 24, 2013
Release date: February 28, 2020
Purchase links: Amazon FR - FNAC
Price: €34.99 (FNAC) - €32.68 (Amazon)

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Sep 10, 2014
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Not me. Yanks are planning already (as usual) remake. (sigh)
There isn't a property on Earth that doesn't get remade - someone needs to reacquaint the movie business with the Public Library.
And, btw - remakes go both ways -
do you wanna see the Clint Eastwood UNFORGIVEN or the Ken Wantanabe Japanese UNFORGIVEN remake?


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Apr 15, 2017
Saw this the other day at fnac and was surprised that this movie gets a Steelbook treatment, which is awesome news, because this film is absolutely fantastic and hilarious!! :hilarious: Definitely one of the best I saw this year :oohyeah: :oohyeah: Will wait If it gets Steelbook rls in other countries as well.Would expect little less price for this, 30 euro max....come on this is not Disney/Marvel :cautious:
Mar 24, 2013
Latest news courtesy Steelbookpro:-
"Alors voilà ce qu’on a décidé, face à la pression générale (celles des différentes enseignes, et la vôtre également): pour ceux qui ne peuvent plus attendre, nous sortirons des éditions DVD et Blu-ray le 4 décembre. Et le 28 février (si tout va bien), il y aura deux nouvelles éditions :– un steelbook comprenant 4 rondelles : DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 4K, Blu-ray Bonus. Le steelbook sera disponible sur les réseaux habituels.
– Ce même steelbook accompagné du storyboard dessiné/annoté par Bong Joon Ho, dans un coffret collector limité à 1500 ex numérotés. Un truc unique. Ce coffret collector sera disponible en exclu sur le shop en ligne que nous avons décidé d’ouvrir dans les prochains mois.”

To summarise (as I understand it):-
1) DVD and Blu-ray AMARAY releases planned for December 4, 2019 (December release due to pressure from various quarters to get the film out)
2) DVD and Blu-ray STEELBOOK releases in two packages on
February 28, 2020:-
Package One - steelbook only - containing 4 discs
Package Two - Collector's Edition "Coffret" containing steelbook . . . Limited to 1,500 Numbered + Storyboard Book drawn by Bong Joon-ho the director . . . . . . Limited to 1,500 Numbered . . . and sold by one exclusive retailer.

For anyone wondering about a Plain Archive release there's this book . . . but no film (yet):-


A look inside the Screenplay and Storyboard Book:-
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Jan 31, 2012
Believe PA have said they're not handling the Bluray. Hopefully they're lying lol but I suspect they maybe took too long with The Haindmaiden and CJ just want to release a numbered digipak and have done with it? Either way great film and I really wish they'd got the go ahead on it.
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