Paterson (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Plain Archive Exclusive No.53) [Korea]

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Jan 15, 2014
Release date: May 2, 2019
Purchase link: Full Slip - 1/4 Slip (Pre-order April 4. Total quantity is 900: 650 domestic, 250 overseas) - Premium Box (Pre-order February 11 at 4 PM Korea Standard Time Zone)
Price: $67.69 (super early bird price, first 24 hours) - $74.69 (early bird price, first 3 days) - $79.69 (retail price)
Note: Limited to 2000 copies. The copies numbered will be dispatched at random.
Steelbook™ with high-quality 1/4 slip cover with premium box. World Exclusive Artwork. Steelbook™ made by SCANAVO (Full Gloss Finish). Blu-ray Disc. World's 1st Paterson Soundtrack CD by SQÜRL. Beautiful Crafted Metal pin badge. 60p Hard cover guide book (support both Korean and partial English). High-Quality Poetry Note. Pencil. 8 Square Art cards. 2 Plain Archive's exclusive removable stickers

From PA: The Premium Box can be shipped with K-PACKET, but to avoid delay/damage/loss, we strongly recommend that you choose EMS.

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Mar 28, 2014
It's not a large quantity, sure. But I wouldn't downright rule out you had a chance. It's not a movie for everyone, so I wouldn't be surprised if it takes a fair bit of time before it's sold out, even with 250 copies only. And then there's always the Korean resellers on eBay. You could also ask a fellow Ninja to order it for you. Maybe there's someone (preferably from your country) who has no interest in this particular release but an account with Plain. This would be the easiest and cheapest way to obtain a copy.
You might be right. This is a ''Niche'' kinda movie, it's an Independent film which is not for everyone.
Plain still have not Sold Out The Premium Box. It is Still In Stock.
On Middle of February they updated on their site that 50 Premium Box remained, and yet they still are available for Pre-Order.

They will sell out for sure but I would be surprised if it was going to be that fast, but then again we never know.
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May 15, 2018
Ordered the dual pack :)
Was it just me or do logged-in sessions expire just as the pre-orders go live as I had to log-in again when checking out? Haven't seen this happen with other retailers.