Police Story: Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Japan]


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Mar 20, 2012
Texas, US
Release Date: December 07, 2012
Limited to 3,000

Looks like no English subtitles. :( They are calling it the Japanese dub version. Amazon only lists Japanese & Chinese for languages and only Japanese for subtitles.

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Google Translated Extras:

Limited edition 3,000 set production
Jackie movie be in a dilemma here, in a steel book Blu-ray ─ ─!!

● voice recording: New Edition new recording linked to actors dub of BD "Eye of the Dragon 2 nine Police Story 2" Japanese dub / Track Add to sound broadcasting "Theater Movie Golden" October 10, 11 987 Japanese dub (Hiroya Ishimaru, both full-length dub dub Jackie Song)
● Specifications Specifications: steel book luxury inner artwork specifications spread
● In addition to the "main part HD", & Ending (birthday of colleagues) ... Opening this title when released in Japan ※ Song Song other benefits (Proceedings NG) the "when released in Japan this title"
● inclusion benefits: First-time theatrical pamphlet Japan <pocket edition> Press reprint <pocket edition>
● [Bonus Track] The first Blu-ray video to BD version of this!
When publishing this story ★ Japan <voice: Japanese version to dub 2TV broadcast Cantonese dub Japan 1 Original Song added three new recording (with full-length dub) (with full-length dub)>
● (other postcards when publishing lobby card Hong Kong, Japan during theatrical release) Collectibles Photo Gallery
● Japanese theater trailer
● UK Edition Trailer
● Hong Kong Version Trailer
● Jackie Chan talks about "Police Story" 20 minutes <Voice dubbed by Hiroya Ishimaru 2 subtitle to the voice of one person Jackie>
36 minutes ★ Jackie Chan History <Audio: narrated by Hiroya Ishimaru 2 English subtitles narration 1>
● Making
● Edit notice (latest version trailer / trailer original)
● Photo Gallery (/ Slideshow Photo Album)
● NG scene

Additional Images:


Actual pics thanks to Hitster:
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EEK!:drool::drool: Also one of my favorite Jackie Chan films, will deff get this a must buy for me. All they need to do now is release Project A, wheels on meals and Armour of God in steelbook and i'll be a happy chap :D
You gotta love the Japanese releases, shame about the english subtitles but it is very common that they don't include them.

I guess I could buy it and just change the disc
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