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Jul 3, 2019
I've only seen this once in the cinema and I thought it was awesome, then digesting it afterwards, I thought it was even better. Definitely need to give the Director's Cut a watch once I get the disc.

Side note: I also remember the couple in front of me leaving after the movie and the girl saying it was by far the worst film she's ever seen and him kind of agreeing. It does split people, but I kind of knew what I was getting into since I'd seen Hereditary.
Yeah my first was the Cinema, really liked it, but missed so much. The DC is a fuller more rounded view imo. The multiple watches gives you so many little extras, the hallicinagenic movements of things, Florence Pugh is superb in it, as are most of the main cast. I can see why some people dislike it, but I think it needs real commitment from the watcher and then it can be a trip, you just melt into it. I love Hereditary, but its such a polished more traditional watch, Midsommar is so different, a much more grown up Ari Aster. Glad you liked it. :thumbs:
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Jun 7, 2012
A few movies I've got a chance to enjoy recently...



Like what everyone has commented, excellent movie that was engrossing from start to finish.
I would say a technical masterpiece, though abit too ambitious. The complexity of the storyline and for viewers having to follow it took some of the enjoyment out of movie. In comparing to other Nolan movies, I would say I still prefer Inception over Tenet.

New Mutants


Given the negativity and poor comments over this release, I had set expectations low.
Surprisingly a very enjoyable X-Men spinoff. Alittle slow at the start but pace picked up and ended on a thoroughly good finish.
Certainly enjoyed this far more than Dark Phoenix.

The Babysitter : Killer Queen


The first movie was one of those underrated gems IMO, so was looking forward to this sequel.
Had some enjoyable 'death' moments but did not quite live up to the enjoyment level as the first movie.


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Aug 25, 2014
South England
La La Land (2016)

What a refreshing change to see something engaging yet realistic happy ever after you never get with contrived uplifting endings within Hollywood movies these days, if you know what I mean :thumbs:
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Oct 9, 2019
Future Force (1989) & Future Zone (1990)

Hahaha, the first part is so stupid an trashy. That scene where the computer nerd dies is so bad that it´s good. He finds out in the police computer, that he has become headhunted and then - bang - not a second after it someone opens his door and shoots him, but he is still alive and struggles and struggles and his last move saves the life of all - with his last strength he reaches his keybord and taps "Enter"


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Sep 19, 2012
My September viewing

Jurassic World 11th June 2015 4k blu-ray 4
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 6th June 2018 4k blu-ray 4
Invasion 1965 8th October 1965 blu-ray 4
Five Graves to Cairo: 4 May 1943 blu-ray 5
The Tall T: 2nd April 1957 blu-ray 5
Ride Lonesome: 15th February 1959 blu-ray 4
Decision at Sundown: 10th November 1957 blu-ray 4
Buchanan Rides Again August 6th 1958 blu-ray 4
Comanche Station:  16th February 1960 blu-ray 4
Witness to Murder: 15th April 1954 blu-ray 3.5
Big House U.S.A:  March 3rd 1955 blu-ray 5
A Bullet for Joey: April 15th 1955 blu-ray 5
Storm Fear 16th December 1955 blu-ray 4
He Ran all the way:19th June 1951 blu-ray 3.5
The Reckless Moment 17th October 1949 blu-ray 2
The Legacy 29th September 1978 blu-ray 4
When Worlds Collide: 22nd November 1951 blu-ray 4
This Gun for Hire: 13th May 1942 blu-ray 4
The Naked City: 3 March 1948 blu-ray 4
The Set up 29 March 1949 blu-ray 4
Sorry Wrong Number 1st September 1948 blu-ray 4
Doctor Who and the Daleks 23rd August 1965 blu-ray 4
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 5th August 1966 blu-ray 4
The Meg: 10 August 2018 4k Ultra blu-ray 4
The Cat and the Canary 27th October 1939 blu-ray 4
The Ghost Breakers 7th June 1940 blu-ray 5
Thieves Highway 20th September 1949 blu-ray 3.5
Day of the Outlaw 22nd July 1959 blu-ray 4.5
The Deep: 17th June 1977 blu-ray 2.5
The Man from Laramie: 31st August 1955 blu-ray 4.5
Breakheart Pass 25th December 1975 blu-ray 4.5
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Jan 4, 2012
For the season that's in it, I watched Haunt (2019) last night.

I was pleasantly surprised by this. I found myself enjoying it quite a bunch. Just had that little extra something over the recent horror fare and kept me watching.

Surprised to find out it's only had one Blu Ray release (in Germany) too......

I recommend if you are looking for something to watch this Halloween.

1601621664293.png 1601621664293.png 1601621664293.png and a 1/2 out of 5
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Sep 19, 2012
My Cousin Vinny
Absolutely loved the movie. Lots of great laughs.
Love that film. Always loved the exchange between Vinny and his Girlfriend
"Your honour, you may treat my girlfriend as a hostile witness!"
Girlfriend: "If you think i'm hostile now, wait until I get you home tonight!"